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March 27, 2019

Rounding Up The Makeup I Loved In March


makeup i loved in march

I’m rounding up the makeup I loved this March (and one skincare item) which as usual, are not all new releases. But the pieces I’ve been using have brought no less joy than anything else already in my stash so naturally, I’m sharing the spoils with you.

makeup i loved in march

Sephora Rouge Gel Lip Liner in 34 Animal Instinct is a berry-esque plum that I bought to pair with a new lipstick from Chanel that you’ll see below. The pencil glides on so smoothly that it can surely stand in as a lipstick in a pinch. I didn’t want to get a high-end lip liner so on a recent trip to Sephora, I fiddled with it in-store and liked the way it felt.

makeup i loved in march

While it’s quite the budget-friendly find, the one downside is that I find it a tad too creamy but it gets the job done. It appeared that they had every possible colour to match any lipstick under the sun so keep it in mind if you’re ever in need of a lip pencil.

makeup i loved in march

Sensai Mascara 38°C in M-1 Black is a waterproof mascara meant to stand up to tears, hot and humid conditions and perspiration. This is an extremely black mascara featuring a small wand perfect for getting right into the roots of your eyelashes. Like the Sensai Cellular Performance Lip Treatment [I reviewed in this post] this mascara contains Koishimaru Silk Extract and plant-derived squalene. While it’s one of the smoothest mascara formulas I’ve used, my one complaint is that it doesn’t fatten up my eyelashes as much as I like but its lengthening ability is gorgeous. Plus, the small wand makes it easy to coat and boost up my lower lashes.

makeup i loved in march

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Lift is essentially a primer for your lips to smooth lines, lengthen the wear time of lipstick and act as an enhancer for your lip colour. It goes on clear and provides a nice translucent buffer between my lips and my lipstick. It certainly offers a smoothing effect, but if there’s dead skin on your lips, do remove it first as it emphasised the dead skin on mine. This is not a new product for Guerlain, but I felt compelled to buy it based on the reviews as I’m always hunting for things to make my lips feel and look better especially when wearing lip colour. Yes, it’s an extra step but the days of just swiping on a lipstick are behind me, so anything that can help the cause is good in my book.

makeup i loved in march

Now to the Chanel goodies: a lipstick, a lip top coat, a punchy nail lacquer and their pebble shaped hand-cream.

makeup i loved in march

Chanel La Crème Main Texture Riche is the ultimate accessory and conversation starter to fish out of your handbag. But more so, it’s a proper hand cream formulated with shea butter, glycerine and may rose wax, that has helped to restore my hands when I’ve exposed them to too much hot water which leaves dry patches and mottled skin.

makeup i loved in march

This lives on my bedside table so that I can apply it right before bed or if I’m just relaxing and my hands feel a bit dry. La Crème Main also comes in a lighter texture but yours truly has a surplus of #dryskinproblems so the heavier formula is for me.

makeup i loved in march

Of course, this is a new iteration of a hand cream first created by Chanel in 1927. With its clever pebble shape that can be squeezed, the almost undetectable pump at the top, velvety texture and mild scent, this makes a lovely treat for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.

makeup i loved in march

Chanel Le Vernis 693 Jaspe is part of Chanel’s Pierres de Lumière de CHANEL Spring makeup edit inspired by ‘the paradox of precious stones’. Featuring vibrant colours; pinks, corals and golds, it has been quite exciting to see. Jaspe is a beautifully executed creamy coral shade that comes to life with two coats. I adore how it looks against my skin tone and in direct sunlight, it conjures happy, breezy thoughts of the sun and the seaside. Without question, this will be my warm weather all-star shade this season. 

makeup i loved in march

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Infrarose had me from the moment I saw it online. This year, I’ve been looking forward to life-affirming, punchy shades to usher in the warmer months and Infrarose fits that desire. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve photographed this lipstick in different types of light and each time, it wins my heart a bit more.

makeup i loved in march

In the tube, it may look too bright but on the lips, it just hits the right note in awakening the face without looking neon, a testament to Chanel’s ability to create pops of colour without it looking clownish. Shea butter makes an appearance in the formula along with mother of pearl pigments and jojoba oil to deliver a matte formula that never dries your lips. Velvety and hydrating although it’s a matte lipstick, this has great staying power but if you eat, a touch-up wouldn’t hurt. Chanel has really outdone their matte formulas lately and I invite you to check out my thoughts on another matte I fell in love with recently, Velvet Extreme Lipstick in Éternal.

makeup i loved in march

Closing out with Chanel Rouge Coco Flash 200 Light Up, a topcoat for the lips that will enhance and add depth to any lip colour you layer this over. With cool design features such as a transparent cap and slimmer packaging, the level of hydration via the oil blend in the formula will keep parched lips feeling comfortable. Plus it adds a nice lacquer-like sheen if you want to liven up a lippy that’s too one-dimensional. Rouge Coco Flash comes in three colourways, Light Up to lighten, Warm Up and Deepness. The mother of pearl micro shimmers are perfectly suspended in the pigment, so you’ll never have to be bothered by flecks littering your lips, plus it works as a lip balm or can be worn on its own if you’re in a hurry. Just don’t expect much colour if you have dark lips.

makeup i loved in march

See anything interesting or something already in your stash? Let me know what you loved in March and I hope this helps.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    That makes both of us! The original La Crème is very good as well and quite hydrating but the Le Lift version definitely stole the show 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    I recently bought the Chanel Le Lift La Crème Main and love it! It was actually an impulse purchase because I loved the scent so much. I haven’t tried the original Le Crème Main though.

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