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Sunday Things: Spring Fresh and A Fragrance Celebration

spring fresh fragrance celebration

spring fresh fragrance celebration

With everything about to look, feel and smell spring fresh, it’s a plum time for a fragrance celebration. Is it me or do you ever feel that your fragrances seem to be reborn when the air is fresh and one isn’t buried under layers of clothing? I’m really looking forward to everything feeling airier, and to the joy that comes with longer, brighter days and celebration season, not to mention the chance to finally be able to fling open the window and allow all the fresh air to flow inside.

This week, The Fragrance Foundation UK celebrates National Fragrance Week 2019. For the past few years, the foundation has used this week to raise awareness about the role of scents in our everyday lives and to do that, there are special events, in-store demonstrations, live talks and of course sales incentives. Here in the USA, the initiative appears to have a bit less steam behind it but March 21st, 2019 has been designated as National Fragrance Day.

spring fresh fragrance celebration

Using National Fragrance Day as my inspiration, my regular Wednesday post will commemorate the day by sharing with you some of the lore surrounding Chanel No.5 and the impact it has had on the world and on Gabrielle Chanel’s life. It’s a riveting story really, especially since No.5 still holds fragrance lovers captive all these decades after it first appeared.

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In the past, I’ve used International Fragrance Day to cover another Chanel fragrance via the post Scent Memories – Chanel No. 19 Poudre. While my adoration for No. 19 has only deepened, I also have a few other Chanel creations on my radar such as No.22 and Sycamore. For 2018, I covered Salome by Papillon, a compelling, musky, animalic fragrance created by Liz Moores, an entirely self-taught perfumer. Papillon fits perfectly into the niche fragrance category, so you won’t find it at regular department stores but I recommend this sampling service if you wanted to try it or any of her other fragrances.

spring fresh fragrance celebration

Another of the past week’s highlights I wanted to share is the discovery of the podcast Beautyfull Lives by Madeleine Spencer. Yes, it’s beauty-focused but Spencer conducts the most in-depth interviews with industry notables such as Daniel Sandler, creator of the award-winning Watercolour Blush which I had the pleasure of using some years ago. I also listened to an excellent interview by the stellar makeup artist Mary Greenwell, who had the happy opportunity to do Princess Diana’s makeup and continues to work today doing the faces of people like Naomi Campbell and a slew of other big names.

spring fresh fragrance celebration

So here’s to the advent of Springtime, fresh air, experiencing fragrances in new ways and the ultimate, fewer layers of clothes😊. Which leads me to ask if weddings or graduation parties or other celebrations are on your horizon and you need guidance on what to wear under your clothing? I’ve got you covered with last Sunday’s post on body shapers and control underwear. And if you need to be pointed in the direction of a long-lasting matte foundation that lets your skin show through and brightens things up, see the post about Chanel’s Ultra Le Teint Foundation here. Or if dewy formulas are more your cup of tea, Guerlain has just introduced L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation, featuring an almost completely natural ingredient derived formula and a bottle design that leaves every other foundation bottle in the dust. Have an absolutely lovely week ahead, Happy Spring if you’re set to experience the change as well and I do hope this helps.

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