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April 3, 2019

Find Out What’s In My Latest French Pharmacy Haul

French Pharmacy

french pharmacy haul

It’s about time I shared what’s in my latest french pharmacy haul, as two of my favourite words ever are ‘French Pharmacy’. Those hallowed halls are filled with the most delicious, effective and budget-friendly products making it easy to overdo it with how many things you get. So in lieu of an actual trip to a pharmacy in France ( although that’s never a bad idea), I’m sharing the next best alternative which is an online stockist I’ve been shopping from for a handful of years now. First off, this is #notsponsored. Otherwise, I consistently rely on this company for things I’m either unable to get where I live or if I can, the price is like being robbed by pirates on the high seas. Even with the cost of shipping, it’s still very much worth the effort.

french pharmacy haul

Body Care 

While I try to not rely on shower gels all the time, in recent years I’ve really fallen in love with good ole’ soap bars especially ones that cleanse well without stripping my skin. Eau Thermale Avène XeraCalm Ultra Rich Cleansing Bar is low on the number of ingredients in order to minimise allergic reactions and high on its ability to keep skin from drying out.

french pharmacy haul

Fragrance-free, soap-free and suitable for all skin types, this cleansing bar can be used by infants, children and adults. If a sudsy, soapy overload is more your preference, you won’t find it with this cleansing bar. While it’s on the small side, it offers effective yet gentle cleansing and has a silky, balmy feel on the skin. Afterwards, skin is left feeling balanced and hydrated and if you tend to feel itchy after a shower, this helps to eliminate that annoying feeling.

french pharmacy haul

Now to an antiperspirant that I swear by, BcomBio Organic Long Lasting Deodorant. I’ve tried a slew of organic, eco-friendly, aluminium-free antiperspirants and oftentimes, it dwould not take long for me to realise they fell short of providing the level of protection I hoped for. Then I took a chance on BcomBio during a sale and have not looked back. It’s alcohol-free, aluminum salt free and all of the ingredients are plant-based. It also carries the Eco Cert stamp and is made by a company that’s been operating for more than thirty years and specialises in plant-based skincare products.

french pharmacy haul

Yes, I consider eye-makeup remover part of body care and you’ve seen me mention this product not long ago in my [Current Cleanser MVP’s post]. It’s such a reliable remover that’s formulated to be gentle on the eyes, yet highly effective in removing all types of makeup. This is actually my back-up bottle, it’s just that good.

french pharmacy haul


It wouldn’t be a French pharmacy haul without some type of makeup, so I opted for a mascara, specifically a blue one. Instead of going for something from one of the usual cosmetic brands, I went with one from the Swiss brand Mavala. Founded around sixty years ago by Madeleine van Landeghem, Mavala makes some of the best nail care products I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. And while the company’s first products were for the nails, they now offer a broader range of products including skincare, body care and makeup.

french pharmacy haul

So, Mavala’s Volume and Length Waterproof Mascara is exactly the kind of Midnight Blue I’ve wanted for so long. It applies smoothly and delivers the full volume and length I adore. The wand is exactly the right size and I can build it up to the level I desire without clumps and flakes. This mascara also lasts exceedingly well throughout the day and my lashes never lose its curl. With a formula suitable to sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, I highly recommend this especially if you like blue mascara but have found that formulas from the traditional brands don’t work for you.

french pharmacy haul

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Honey Lip Balm is my OG, HG, strike up the band and have a parade to celebrate lip balm. I’ve written about it before in my first ever French Pharmacy Haul [in this post]. It offers excellent value and never, ever fails to hydrate and repair the lips. It can also stand in as an overnight lip mask and works beautifully as a lipstick base. If I could recommend one thing to always include on your French Pharmacy shopping list, Nuxe Honey Lip Balm is it.

french pharmacy haul

And for a lip balm to toss into your purse if you’re not keen on schlepping around the Nuxe as it’s in a jar, is Sebamed Lip Defense SPF 30.  Not enough people consider lip care with SPF, especially since the skin on your lips is the thinnest on the body and susceptible to cracking and burning in the sun or at any time truly. It’s easy to use, it’s so portable and will save your lips from an environmental onslaught.

french pharmacy haul

Nail Treatment

I’m raising my hand to testify about how weak and prone to breakage and peeling my nails can be. Then, a couple of years ago a friend introduced me to Vitry Nail Repair Care and once I began using it consistently, the change in the strength, shape and length of my nails was revolutionary.

french pharmacy haul

This is a new bottle and I don’t even want to entertain running out of it because it has made a sea change in the state of my nails. Before each fresh nail polish application, I apply the nail treatment then go on top with a base coat followed by nail colour. One thing to note, I was bummed to learn this contains formaldehyde so keep that in mind if it’s an ingredient you prefer to avoid.

french pharmacy haul


Believe it or not, Vitry was founded in France in 1795 and is the country’s oldest cutlery maker, while holding the title of being one of the oldest in the entire world.  The company makes surgical instruments as well and introduced manicure and pedicure tools in 1954, which is the category the tweezer falls into.

Vitry’s ”Yatagan” Tweezers are precise, easy to use, feels good between my fingers and are able to remove the tiniest, most stubborn hairs without discomfort. That’s quite an accomplishment as many tweezers just don’t feel good in the hand while their tips tend to be dull. Made from stainless steel and measuring  9cm/3.54 inches in length, I don’t expect anything less than a totally ace performance from tweezers made by a company that began its existence by making swords and sabres, yes that happened.

French Pharmacy skincare has been my go-to for a number of years before I began venturing into luxury skincare to the extent I do now. Yet, I always return to it because of the effectiveness of many of the products along with its cost-effectiveness. Some of the items I mentioned can be found on Amazon if you’re more comfortable shopping there, but if you want the real experience without having to fly to France, I highly recommend cocooncenter.co.uk. Plus, they often have offers and sales, while some products are available in multiple packs. It’s really easy to get carried away on their website as I usually do and I’m always so overjoyed when the items arrive. They also ship quickly and with each purchase, you accumulate points which translate to money off any subsequent purchases you make.

I reiterate that I’m suggesting this website with no incentives to me. I simply find them a pleasure to use and that’s boosted by their prompt shipping and attentive customer service if something happens with your order. Let me know if you have any favourite french pharmacy products in the comments or chime in and chat with me on social. As always, I hope this helps.



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