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Chanel Cruise 2019 Vision D’asie Makeup

chanel cruise 2019 vision d'asie

chanel cruise 2019 vision d'asie

Now that all the items from the new Chanel Cruise 2019 Vision D’Asie Makeup collection have debuted, I’m sensing the Maison is in for a year of exceedingly healthy makeup sales. In my review of this season’s standout skin tint, Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint [here], I mentioned that my excitement had been brewing since the early part of this year when the first photographs started to appear.

So, I’ve cherry-picked what makes the most sense for me for the season including a lip-gloss I know I’ll go through fairly quickly and of course, a nail lacquer that smacks of sun, sea, sand and mega-yachts.

chanel le volume revolution mascara

I was in the market for a new mascara so I picked up Le Volume Revolution de Chanel in the shade Volcan, which is described as being grey. However, in the tube, it appears black but when I photographed the swatch, it photographed as a deep blue. Either way, I’m enjoying it because Chanel does brilliant mascaras. Specifically, Le Volume Revolution formula was introduced last summer and I reviewed it [here]. So to now have it offered in four new shades; volcan, jungle green, deep eros and intense teal along with the original in noir (black), there’s a shade to match some of the new eyeshadow quads introduced this season. Volcan delivers a glossy finish against eyelashes that are lengthened and made fuller. While the wand is standard size, the difference is that it is a 3-D printed wand featuring a honeycomb structure that makes it easy to grip eyelashes and saturate them with pigment.

chanel eyeshadow liner khol vague

Stylo Ombre et Contour Eyeshadow Liner Khôl in Vague is a new eyeshadow/liner addition to Chanel Cruise 2019Vision D’asie Makeup collection, offering a long-wearing formula. It may be used as an eyeliner or as an eyeshadow for a quick turnaround on a complete eye look. I’m finding that eyeshadow/liner pens are beginning to pick up more space in my stash probably because I keep thinking that powder eyeshadows start to get trickier on more mature eyelids. So in the midst of my master plan to wear as much eyeshadow as possible for the foreseeable future, this pen makes a delicious addition and will be especially welcome when it’s too hot to think about brushes and blending and shading powders together.  The liner also comes with a little sharpener that’s tucked neatly away into the base. And with a silky formula that’s a breeze to apply, I especially love using the shade on my waterline for an eye-opening effect.

chanel le vernis nail polish purple ray

For nails, I have Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Purple Ray. At first, I couldn’t help but think it reminded me of New Dawn [discussed here], but once I applied it, the difference was evident. Purple Ray is to me a blue-based purple shade that looks incredibly sun-ready and beautiful on.

chanel cruise 2019 vision d'asie

With a creamy formula, you can actually pull this off with one coat if you’re really pressed for time but of course, with two coats it provides a lovely accent.

chanel le vernis purple ray

As with Chanel’s nail polish formulas, it is self-levelling and the finish is enhanced further when topped with Le Gel Coat, my ultimate favourite topcoat from the brand.

chanel rouge coco gloss fraicheur

Rouge Coco Gloss in Fraîcheur (fraîcheur translation: coolness or freshness) is only my second lipgloss from the brand as I’m more team lipstick. Last year I enjoyed Rouge Coco Gloss in Aphrodite so much that it’s almost finished. Despite Fraîcheur’s colour in the tube, it’s actually transparent and has micro shimmers that leave a beautiful wash on the rouge coco gloss fraicheurIt’s ideal as a topper for just about anything or it may be worn alone. Fraîcheur makes me think of the sea shimmering in the brilliant summer sun and will make lips look ready in an instant. The formula boasts lots of hydrating ingredients such as Coconut oil, Peptides and Vitamin E along with Chanel’s own Hydraboost Complex. Chanel is known for their lip glosses as they tend to be very comfortable and long-wearing. So I’m fully expecting to work through this gloss quickly as well.

chanel cruise 2019 vision d'asie makeup swatches

I couldn’t end this post without a brief ode to Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup and Colour Director. She has delivered a makeup collection celebrating the imperfection in everyday things. After travelling through Asia and recognising beauty in simplicity, she used that experience to design a collection featuring wearable, buildable shades with well-executed, skin-like textures. Nothing in the Chanel Cruise 2019 Vision D’asie Makeup collection demands advanced makeup skills and I suspect each piece will ultimately serve as an object of personal pleasure. Let me know if you’ll be picking up anything and I hope this helps.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Isn’t it all such a brilliant collection? What else is on your radar?

  2. Love this collection! I just got a few pieces myself and looking to add a few more.

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re very welcome my dear, it’s always a pleasure to share xo

  4. everything about this Colleciton is beautiful… that purple nail polish is such a beautiful color on you.. I love eyeshadow crayons as they are so easy to work with.. you chose the best shade… thanks for all the inspirations….❤️

  5. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re spot on, creamy shadows are one of life’s gifts!

  6. Love all the beauties featured Marie. The shades of everything are so unique are stunning. Even I like to use creamy shadows that don’t require too much work. 🙂

    Ms.V |

  7. backstorybeauty says:

    Hi Ellyn,

    Totally, pastel nails are such a treat..

  8. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks a mill Meili 🙂 xo

  9. That nail polish looks beautiful! I am a sucker for pastel shades!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  10. Ooohhhh I love that pen eyeshadow so pretty

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