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Chanel Les Beiges Natural Eyeshadow Palette and Water Fresh Tint For Summer 2019

chanel les beiges natural eyeshadow palette water fresh tint
chanel les beiges water fresh tint and les indispensables palette

Chanel Les Beiges Natural Eyeshadow Palette and Water Fresh Tint for summer 2019 are among the standouts in this season’s makeup collection. Mimicking earthy tones featuring wearable, natural looking eyeshadow shades along with a fresh skin tint composed mostly of water, it manages to enhance the look of your skin.

The rest of this year’s Chanel summer makeup 2019 Les Beiges makeup collection includes a pressed powder and a lip balm.

chanel les beiges water fresh tint

Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint comes in six shades and I have the shade Light Deep, which is the fifth shade in the group. Yes, there’s room for more deeper shades so fingers crossed for that coming to fruition. Thankfully, it comes with a small, sturdy and effective brush especially since the instructions state that the product should be pumped onto the back of the hand, then the brush should be dipped into what you pumped out then buffed into the skin.

chanel les beiges water fresh tint swatch

To understand this product better, it should be prefaced by recognising the innovative technology used. Chanel’s Water Fresh Tint is formulated using patented ‘Micro Fluidic Technology‘. This means the pigment particles are suspended in a gel. Once it’s buffed onto the skin, the particles burst to do its job of perfecting the appearance of your skin.

It’s not enough to say this feels lightweight, instead, it borders on being almost imperceptible in feel and texture but what it does once it’s on the skin is to me, extraordinary.

chanel les beiges water fresh tint

Chanel’s Water Fresh Tint is not a foundation in the true sense so don’t look for it to cover up textural issues or blemishes. Instead, this is meant as a ‘second skin‘, in that it will make your skin look better than it does when it’s bare to deliver a more refined finish without cancelling out or flattening your features the way a conventional foundation may do. It also provides some hydration, has a mild scent and feels cool when applied.

chanel les beiges water fresh tint swatches

It can be used in a number of ways, such as a primer before foundation or on top of your foundation. But I love it on its own, especially without powder and I’m looking forward to using it when hot temperatures make the thought of using a conventional foundation an unwelcome one. Once I’ve applied blush and a bit of bronzer it all comes together beautifully and stays put for several hours.

chanel les indispensables palette

Chanel Les Beiges Natural Eyeshadow Palette in Les Indispensables has proven itself in its shade combinations, application, wearability, staying power and the immense number of options it offers.

Featuring variations of satin and matte shades in cocoa, beige, chocolate, mushroom brown, champagne pink and light pink along with a muted gold, this is a palette that can go anywhere and deliver a multitude of looks. I even love tapping on a single shade and having that be enough. There are similarities between this palette and Chanel’s Clair Obscur palette that I [reviewed here]. However, this is even more complete as it offers nine shades as opposed to four.

chanel les indispensables swatches

This palette also outpaces similar ones on the market for being highly portable because it fits so easily into the palm of the hand.

So don’t be surprised if more of the Chanel summer 2019 makeup collection appears in a future post. Happy shopping and I hope this helps.


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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re a doll, thank you Ms. V xoxo

  2. This palette is really beautiful Marie. Love the earthy tones, great for daily use. You have beautiful glowing skin even without the tint. 🙂

    Ms.V |

  3. You’re welcome hun x ❤️

  4. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks ever so much Vanessa, I really appreciate this xo

  5. You really do have the best make-up layout on my feed. I can’t but admire it. x 🧡

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