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The Charlotte Tilbury Brand Re-Visit

charlotte tilbury 1975 red

charlotte tilbury 1975 red

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the makeup shifts that happen with the change of seasons and I figured that a Charlotte Tilbury brand re-visit is a good place to start. Since 2014, she has never failed to serve up gasp-inducing products and has maintained her list of hits by adding products that deliver wearable glam that can be used and tailored to how you live.

But let’s go back a bit to some of her fundamentals, such as Filmstar Bronze and Glow, her eyeshadow quads, blush and of course the hero product that makes very tired skin look better, Wonderglow.

charlotte tilbury dolce vita

Starting with the eyeshadows, both formulas in the quad and in the pots are spectacular. I have The Dolce Vita Palette featuring four creamy, wearable shades that work from ”desk to disco” as Charlotte would say.

charlotte tilbury eyeshadow swatches

There’s a prime shade, an enhance shade, a pop shade and a smoke shade that are all silky in texture, easy to blend and long-lasting. One of the things I love about this palette is that you can get into it with clean fingers and apply to your lids without too much thought. Applied with brushes and the effect is certainly more tailored but still very much an absolute joy to use.

charlotte tilbury eyes to mesmerise

The Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadows also deliver an exceptional colour payoff featuring a water-infused formula that delivers a cooling effect when applied.

charlotte tilbury eyes to mesmerise swatches

These shades layer nicely and of course, they’re also finger-application friendly. New shades have since been added to the Eyes to Mesmerise line-up such as Rose Gold and Star Gold.

charlotte tilbury lipstick

Her lipsticks are also among some of the best I’ve used. In two formulas, K.I.S.S.I.N.G, featuring lipstick and orchid tree extracts and Matte Revolution, a new generation matte, rich in oils.

Both formulas are comfortable to wear, deliver brilliant colour and are long-lasting. I have Bond Girl, So Marilyn, Velvet Underground, Night Crimson and Amazing Grace and 1975 Red.

Amazing Grace: A coral pink that I chose for the most significant day of my life. I love it and have worn it so much it’s almost finished.

Bond Girl: A brown-based berry that works beautifully as a neutral, especially for deeper skin tones.

Velvet Underground: Of all of these lipsticks, this is the one that has gotten the least wear not because it isn’t pretty but because I find lipstick shades like this need more a bit more effort. I also notice it’s no longer available on Charlotte Tilbury’s website.

charlotte tilbury lipstick swatches

1975 Red: I bought this as a birthday present and have always wondered why it never got more ‘love’ among beauty enthusiasts. It was part of the Norman Parkinson collection from 2015 that included some stunning pieces and a cosmetic bag that so many people went ga-ga over. It’s an orangey red that always brings so much light to my skin and I especially enjoy it in the warmer months. While I’m sure there are dupes floating around, I’m not sure if anything will ever come close.

So Marilyn: A standard, moisturising red that I liked. Oddly, I didn’t find it to be so long-lasting but it is comfortable to wear.

Night Crimson: I can wax poetic about this plummy red lipstick because it is so easy to use and to wear. Usually, deeper lipstick shades require a bit more effort but this one is as user-friendly as they come. You can wear this anytime, anywhere even for casual instances and it’s especially beautiful for darker skin tones. Its lasting power is utterly impressive, especially since it never leaves that ring around the lips some deeper lipsticks do. I highly recommend Night Crimson and would definitely re-purchase.

charlotte tilbury blush ecstasy

Now to cheek shades of which Charlotte Tilbury boasts a beautiful array to choose from. She christened them with the name Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blusher and I have the shade Ecstasy. The shades are in two circles of pigment with the ‘pop’ shade in the centre while the ‘swish’ shade occupies the outer circle.

charlotte tilbury blush swatches

Blending these together delivers a coral finish that works when you’re going for a more natural look. The pigment is silky and buildable and on my dry skin, the colour remains true for several hours. There are micro-shimmers but they spread out nicely and never break apart on the skin.

I have six of her eyeliners along with the highly lauded lip pencil in Pillow Talk. Pillow Talk proved to be so popular that the masses clamoured for a lipstick to match, which the brand has delivered and sold out of numerous times. Now there is a Pillow Talk eyeshadow quad and also a blush.

But let’s walk back to the original product, Pillow Talk lip pencil should not have worked on my lips as the bottom one is darker than the upper one; it’s a common occurrence in people with deeper skin tones. I received it as a gift so I was sceptical but once I tried it and realised how well it worked on my lips, I understood the hype. I see Pillow Talk as a brown-based rosy shade and for me, it’s strength comes in how well it helps any lipstick I put on top to last longer. In the photograph below (Pillow Talk is the coral-looking pencil), you can see that I’ve used up half of it and I’m holding on tightly to what’s left.

charlotte tilbury eye pencils

Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeliners feature a waterproof formula meant to last up to fourteen hours. I have the following shades (in the photograph above):

Barbarella Brown, Bedroom Black, Marlene Midnight and Veruschka Mink. I also have Sapphire Sex which is no longer shown on the website, but it’s a metallic blue with micro shimmers. All of the pencils wear very well with little to no smudging and include crushed pearls that lend a shimmery finish when applied.

charlotte tilbury wonder glow

I’ve covered Wonder Glow [in this post]. It is an innovative product that I have relied on for years now because of its ability to blur imperfections and reduce the appearance of fatigue. It also adds light to the face and is especially useful on the high points including the orbital bone. It may be layered below your foundation as a primer, tapped on top where you want a bit of pop or worn alone.

It may appear overly shimmery when it comes out of the tube but the magic begins once it’s on the face. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow is an award-winning product and continues to be a best-seller for the brand, so give it a try when you’re able to.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation has been a stash staple for me as long as I’ve been using Wonder Glow. Housed in a portable plastic tube with a spout dispenser (Wonder Glow has the same tube), this is an easy foundation to wear and has proven to be comfortable for my dry skin. Featuring buildable, medium to full coverage, it will cancel out some imperfections.

But there’s a ‘but’, and that is that the brand really needs to expand the number of shades offered in this formula. I have the shade ‘dark’, but looking at the bit on my hand below, you see where the issue is.

charlotte tilbury swatches

It’s one of those formulas that settles down nicely and photographs really well. I used it for passport photographs and loved how it made my skin look. Added to that, wear time is impressive and it has never broken apart on my skin.

While there are deeper shades in Charlotte’s Magic Foundation formula which I haven’t tried, I do hope eventually they make up the ground that needs to be covered with the Light Wonder formula.

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze and glow

Now to the pièce de résistance, Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow. I have it in medium-dark and it is one of my most used makeup items. Praises for this have been sung far and wide in the beauty world and it offers bronzing that is not muddy, not overly reddish and not grey. Its formulation delivers a smooth, cohesive, long-lasting finish that is buildable and wearable even for daytime.

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze and glow swatches

I’ve used both sides as impromptu eyeshadow as well and as a bronzer/contour, it adds the right amount of shadow to the face. This is bronze/contour/highlight done exceptionally well and as a testament to how much I adore this product, you may see other posts about it [here] and [[here]. Just keep in mind that Filmstar Bronze and Glow will emphasise skin texture so go easy if your skin is going through a difficult period.

To round things up, if you’ve never looked closely at this brand, here’s a gentle nudge from my makeup loving heart to yours have a look. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the world’s premiere makeup artists and her brand has only gone from strength to strength since it came on the scene. Ms. Tilbury herself oozes real love and enthusiasm for her brand and has strived to use it as a way for people to uplift themselves. In 2018, she was awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for her stellar career and contribution to the cosmetics industry. Do let me know if you are already indoctrinated into this brand or if it’s on your wish list and I hope this helps.


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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thank you Ms. Via, CT is such a phenomenal brand and it continues to go from strength to strength. I’ll be excited to see what you choose as your first product, get ready to be amazed:)

  2. Yes Marie, this brand is on my wish list. I did feel the nudge in my heart that I need to try this brand. Actually I never encountered it easily. Like in Sephora or the airports where I get the chance to look around for luxury makeup and skincare. But now it is available in Sephora and I plan to get something. Your swatches are so tempting. And I just love reading your posts so much and drool at your beautiful pictures. 😀

    Via |

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