Skincare Summer 2019

A Late Spring Skincare Declutter and Buying Less

skincare declutter

skincare declutter

You know those moments when a voice in your head delivers a message that’s hard to ignore? Well, I had such a moment and I figured it was time for a late Spring skincare declutter while deciding to buy less stuff going forward. I had a similar feeling as this year started and for the most part, I think I’ve stuck to that. Well, except for when Chanel launched their Summer makeup, but otherwise, I’ve scaled back quite a bit.

So, here’s six products I’ve mostly used up. And I say mostly because they all still have some product left in them but not much except for the Cle de Peau Broad Spectrum SPF 22  which is only at the halfway mark. I reviewed this emulsion [earlier this year] in a post detailing products to consider to protect your face against the rays coming from your telephone and computer. But I’m choosing to declutter it now as it’s expiry date has come and gone which pains me but I don’t want to do anything to upset my skin. I’d still recommend it for daily use, for under makeup or especially if you’re at home and also for use during colder months because it’s so hydrating.

Another product receiving the heave-ho in this late spring skincare declutter is Atzen Natural Protection Face and Eyes SPF30, because it’s also past expiry and because your skin won’t be protected if you’re using expired sunscreen. But as I send it on its way, I do so with gratitude to it for providing stellar protection from UVA, UVB and even UVC rays and for not interfering with my makeup and not leaving the dreaded white cast on my deeper skin tone.

skincare products featuring dr barbara sturm cle de pean and atzen

When it comes to body care, specifically body lotions or oils and such, I also consider the other benefits a product can deliver to my skin. I generally body want products that can hydrate, exfoliate, brighten and smooth my skin. So I thought that’s at least some of what I would get from Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Body Cream. Yes, my hopes were pegged up high when I bought this because I had used one of Dr. Sturm’s serums before and was quite impressed with it. So I chose this because of its antioxidant and anti-ageing properties. While the texture was light, fast absorbing and pleasant and its scent mild, I really cannot say that I saw a major improvement in the appearance of the skin on my arms and legs. I’ve since moved onto other body products so whatever is left in the tube has been neglected, so we shall part ways and I am unlikely to re-purchase it.

omorovicza balancing moisturiser and rose lifting serum

From the Hungarian Brand Omorovicza, I have two products that I actually really enjoyed but again, distractions by other products saw these being sidelined. The Rose Lifting Serum worked beautifully for my dry skin and also as a makeup primer. It’s silky texture was a pleasure and so was the subtle glow it left on my skin. My introduction to this product came via one of the better beauty box subscriptions I’ve used and detailed [here]. Also following on the heels of this is the brand’s Balancing Moisturiser, a light gel-cream that’s fast-absorbing and quite straightforward. Omorovicza’s products have a distinct scent that’s not so overpowering but I do hope the brand consider dialling it down. While this is meant for an oilier skin-type, it worked for my dry skin, especially during the warmer months. I appreciate the use of glass bottles and pump tops so nothing is wasted and disposal will be a snap.

shiseido ibuki smart filtering smoother

The last thing I’m moving out of my stash in this late spring skincare declutter is Shiseido’s Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother, only because it’s past its prime. It’s totally my fault because I was trying to hoard it. Easily, this is one of the better makeup primers I’ve ever used and I say that also because of its minimal use of packaging. I should also say that despite my love of having several kinds of primers going at the same time, I’m setting out to axe that habit as part of the overall skincare declutter. I did a full review of this primer in a post detailing beauty buys under $30 and still advocate for it as a top beauty buy. Featuring micro-powders suspended in a creamy, easy to use product that helps makeup go on easily and absorb excess sebum, especially in warm weather, each use of this primer was a joy. It’s the ideal candidate for travel and it can also be lightly tapped over a full face of makeup.

skincare declutter

As much as decluttering is about making space, it’s also a decision to rely on fewer things which can lead to a host of other benefits including better understanding your skin’s needs and buying less. Using the Marie Kondo school of thought as an example, I think we can apply the same treatment to beauty products in terms of how much and how often we buy. If it works for your skin, make it a keeper, know the expiry dates and otherwise, nothing feels better than using up what we already have and as always, I hope this helps.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks so much Ms. V, using things up is always a great feeling..but also an excuse to get more so it’s a double-edged sword isnt’it😍🙌

  2. Even I have controlled myself from buying new products as there is so much to use. There was a time I used to buy skincare and hoard it just for the doubt that I may not get the chance to buy for a particular brand for another year. But now I have stopped doing that and learning more what is best for my skin. I loved that you have used up all these products. It feels so nice. I use up all my skincare too. These are some lovely suggestions Marie. 🙂

    Via |

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    So happy to tempt and you’re welcome 🙂 plus Omorovicza has maintained major allure for a number of years, I still want to try their cleanser xx

  4. backstorybeauty says:

    Ah you’re so welcome ): it’s always so good to move products along xx

  5. sundaydahlias says:

    I always forget to check the expiration dates and end up with a bunch of used products as well. This post reminds me that I need to do some decluttering! Thank you

  6. A wonderful roundup of your skincare… many I want to try here specially Omorovicza has been in my list…you have also tempted me to try Atzen skincare… thanks again for such a wonderful post..❤️

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