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3 Current Cleansers and The One I’ll Always Repurchase

3 current cleansers

3 current cleansers

Under scrutiny this go-round are the three current cleansers I’m using and the one I’ll always repurchase. While they’ve all done their job to cleanse, there is one standout that I’ve been using for years and will always repurchase for so many reasons but first, some details on the other two cleansers.

votary cleansing oil

Votary Cleansing Oil Rose Geranium and Apricot has delivered in terms of removing makeup and other end of day stuff, plus it has also helped as a morning cleanser especially with its herbal notes that gently awaken the senses. It’s a well-blended formula that includes Chamomile, Geranium, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil and Rose Geranium. Texturally, it’s on the medium weight side and removal is best with a cloth, preferably warm, which is provided with the bottle. My initial thoughts about this cleanser [are all here] and it includes details about the brand’s founder, the brand’s premise and the ingredients.

votary cleansing oil

Now that I’m almost to the end of the bottle, my feelings have changed a bit. I still appreciate how easy it is to break down makeup with Votary’s cleansing oil but using this also helped me to realise that I’d like to move away from oils entirely. Yes, it’s odd coming from someone with dry skin but I now know I prefer cleansing balms, cleansing milk or cleansing creams much more. So once this bottle is empty, it’s unlikely I’ll be repurchasing it….unless I find it at a deeply discounted price.

lixirskin electrogel cleanser

Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser was a totally new addition to my routine and marks my first experience with the brand which is British. Its founder is a Doctor of Dermo-Pharmacy who has formulated products for many other brands. It was included in my Net-A-Porter Summer in The City Beauty Kit and was one of the products that ‘sold’ me on getting the kit. One of the things making Lixirskin an outlier is this premise as stated on the website: ‘The negatively charged Electrogel™ attracts, captures and eliminates positively charged toxins – pollution nanoparticles, heavy metals and free radicals – to give urban skin the ultimate detox‘.

Of the three current cleansers, I use Lixirskin mostly as a second cleanser in the evening although I do reach for it many mornings as well. Creamy textured and with a pleasant but not overpowering scent, it is a very easy cleanser to use and should be applied to a face that’s not wet, even if you have makeup on or it’s the end of the day. The brand suggests having damp hands when applying it but I simply ensure my hands are clean.

Formulated with Shea Butter, Glycerin, Sage Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil and Chamomile, I massage it in whether I’m using it in the morning or evening and especially when removing makeup to ensure everything breaks down.

This is quite a pleasant cleanser to use because of the texture and how it feels on the skin. Plus, it can also be used as a detoxifying mask and when I remove it, my skin always looks much brighter. Occasionally I’ll only use this to remove my makeup, which means using it as a double cleanse. And for eye makeup, I continue to swear by a dedicated eye makeup remover although this certainly breaks down mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. I’m about halfway through using this and find it good to have and appreciate it’s toothpaste-tube packaging which makes it so easy to use. Of the three cleansers, I doubt I’d repurchase this one but the brand has many other innovative products such as skin boosters, serums and masks which has my curiosity piqued.

biologique recherche lait vip 02

Biologique Recherche Lait VIP O2 rounds out my three current cleansers and it’s the one I’ve used the most over the years. Every year I try several cleansers but this is the one I always, always return to and here’s why:

It’s formulated with: Cucumber Extract, Lactic Acid, Mimosa Bark Extract, Silk Extract and Salicylic Acid. 

It has anti-pollution properties and offers some enzymatic (granule-free, grit-free) exfoliation. Added to that, creamy cleansers are more bio-identical to our skin, which means that our skin is more likely to identify with the ingredients used in the formulation. Foaming and gel cleansers tend to rely on surfactants which can strip the skin. Creamy or milky cleansers also tend to be better for maturing skin and of course, drier skin types although acne-prone skin will benefit from this type of formula as well. For even more details about why I rate Lait VIP O2 so highly, it’s all [laid out here].

Another excellent feature of Lait VIP O2 is that it comes in three sizes including a deluxe travel size in a 1.7oz/50ml bottle that lasts quite a long time and gives you the opportunity to try before you buy.

Biologique Recherche isn’t widely sold in stores, and in the US, it can only be purchased from a handful of spas that sell the products online. While that may sound complicated, it isn’t. I use Rescue Spa for all of my BR purchases and they tend to ship products promptly.

3 current cleansers

3 current cleansers i'll repurchase

So now you know, of my three current cleansers, my top pick is Lait VIP O2 with ingredients that really help the skin and nullifies that ole ”it’s a cleanser and you’ll be washing it down the sink” way of thinking. While that is true to an extent, a good cleanser truly benefits your skin. It’s the first step in a good skincare routine and sets the tone for everything else you put on. If you’ve tried any of these three cleansers or if they’ve been on your radar, let’s chat about it here or on SM and I hope this helps.



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