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Chanel Duo Bronze et Lumière Bronzer and Highlighter Duo Review

duo bronze et lumiere
duo bronze et lumiere
In sunlight

Duo Bronze et Lumière is Chanel’s updated version of bronzer and it’s part of the brand’s Summer makeup catalogue. With two colour harmonies, Clair and Medium, it’s one of the most exciting items in this year’s Cruise Collection. I chose Medium because it would be more complimentary to my skin tone (Clair is lighter), so after using it for a prolonged period in order to really get to know it, here’s what I came away with:

Chanel Duo Bronze et Lumière is a split pan featuring a matte bronzing shade and a highlight shade. The bronzing shade is similar to the look of cocoa, while the highlighter shade is a light gold that translates beautifully on the skin. The embossed double-c add to the product’s allure and will be a treasure for makeup collectors. However, the embossing will fade once you begin using it regularly as I’ve found.

Texturally, this almost feels creamy despite being a powder, so the effect on the skin is more transparent and less harsh than a typical bronzer, a sentiment that’s expressed by Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup And Colour Director, Lucia Pica, when she refers to the product as a powder instead of a bronzer.

It comes with a half-moon brush but I tend to use the Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush to apply. You’ll also be pleased to know that it lacks the strong floral scent Chanel’s cosmetics tend to have.

duo bronze et lumiere

So back to how it looks on the skin. I’d consider this if you’re looking to ‘warm-up’ how your skin looks as opposed to if you want a deep bronzing effect. The photograph above gives an idea of how Duo Bronze et Lumière looks after a few hours of wear and it simply melds into skin more throughout the day but never disappears even when temperatures are extremely hot.

The highlight shade also applies smoothly to the skin, with one swipe delivering enough pigment to not require another swipe unless you desire. While highlight shades can turn grey-ish on deeper skin tones, this one remains intact plus it’s free from thick chunks of glitter although there are micro-shimmers that add a subtle sheen.

duo bronze et lumiere


Both the bronzer shade and highlight shade also make beautiful eyeshadow options in a pinch. Plus, blending both shades together on the skin creates an attractive finish that’s neither all bronzy nor all highlight. Used that way, it makes a nice wash for the apples of the cheeks or as a swath of light at the top of your cheekbones.

As a year-round staple, Duo Bronze et Lumière is ideal because of its texture and finish, plus it’s a good product to have if conventional bronzers scare you. Take note dry or maturing skin types, I think you’d really enjoy this because it’s non-drying.

duo bronze et lumiere

I also love the potential of using Duo Bronze et Lumière alongside Chanel’s Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick, to add oodles of light to my face once the grey, cold days return or even cocktailing it with the oil-free Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid whenever the need for a #glowup strikes me.

Otherwise, the only complaint I could register with this is that there should have been a third, deeper colour harmony, as very deep skin tones may not quite achieve the ‘warming’ or ‘nuanced’ effect this gives to the face.

There’s more to see from this year’s Chanel Summer 2019 bounty [in this post] and if you need ideas for your travel makeup bag, I’ve shared plenty of suggestions [here] and as always, I hope this helps.

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