What’s Currently In My Hydrating Hair Care Routine


These four products are what’s currently in my hydrating hair care routine and they help my hair no matter the season. And while haircare products can be tricky to suss out and determine whether or not they deliver on their promises, here’s my experience. In its natural state, my hair texture is curly but fine, thinning and on the dry side. Plus I’ve recently noticed my texture changing as I go deeper into my forties (how fun).

christophe robin cleansing volumizing paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts


Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste With Pure Rassoul Clay And Rose Extracts is the most unusual shampoo I’ve ever used. It’s what I’ve been using the past few months and instead of being a creamy liquid, it feels more like a paste with granules that transforms into a foam when applied to wet hair. There are notes of rose which I adore, but the fascinating thing is that the first ingredient is Moroccan Lava Clay.

christophe robin cleansing volumizing paste with rassoul clay and rose extracts


I chose this because it’s meant to re-densify (thicken) fine-textured hair plus it helps to preserve colour jobs. It leaves my hair and scalp feeling extremely clean, plus my scalp especially feels renewed. In some reviews, people have said their hair felt dry after using this paste but that’s not been my experience. The good thing is that if you’re very interested in trying this shampoo, it comes in two sizes; I have the 2.7 oz size and I’m only at the halfway mark after using it for several months.

kevin murphy young again masque


After shampooing, I amp up the hydration with Kevin Murphy’s Young Again Masque, a conditioner/mask that includes baobab seed oil, bamboo extract, orchid flower extract and lotus flower extract. It’s an at-home treatment that can be left on for as little as five minutes but I usually do about fifteen minutes. After rinsing, it leaves my hair feeling hydrated and it helps it to be more manageable and easier to blow-out. Alas, while I like how my hair feels after using this, I’m not particularly bowled over by it but I do plan on finishing it.

christophe robin daily hair cream with sandalwood


Every hydrating haircare routine should include a leave-in treatment and I’ve been using Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream With Sandalwood that helps with split ends and breakage. My hair goes through cycles where it grows in nicely and then it shifts to a weird phase then goes back to being its version of ‘best’ so it’s an ongoing process trying to figure out what really works.

I received Christophe Robin’s Hair Cream in the Net-a-Porter Summer in The City Beauty Kit which is fully detailed [here].  It has SPF6, is silicone-free and has sandalwood pulp, apricot kernel oil and extracts of barley seeds.

My one complaint is that it has a somewhat strong scent that takes time to disappear but I’ve grown used to it. To use, I section my hair and work it in with my fingers while my hair is still damp and then do my blow out. Plus I appreciate its hydrating properties and the manageability it offers. It’s left to be seen if it will help with the breakage I experience, so I’ll share the outcome with you once I’ve finished the tube.

color wow pop and lock


Now to the newest find in my hydrating hair care routine. Color Wow Pop and Lock is a high gloss finish that helps my hair to not revert to being curly, especially when it’s quite hot. Yet, my biggest bugbear with this gloss is the mica (tiny sparkles). While it doesn’t make my hair look sparkly, I’m baffled as to why it’s included.

That aside, it leaves some shine on the hair but not in an over the top way. Added to that, it seals the hair’s cuticle to keep it smooth and improve its texture. So even though this is a styling product, the majority of the ingredients are a benefit to the hair and those benefits include UV protection which I appreciate fully.

I’m in the process of re-focusing my entire hair care routine to focus on products to help with hair thinning. So once I have a handle on that along with whether or not the products have been effective, I’ll be sharing everything here. And in the interim, have a look at the products I’ve finished lately [in this post] and find out whether or not they’re worth your money, your time and I hope this helps.


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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks so much! It takes time to find what works so happy product hunting:)

  2. whatshedidnextblog says:

    Finding products for my hair is no easy feat. I haven’t heard of the hair products you mentioned but I’m keen to find out more about the brands. Great post!

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