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It’s been some time since I published a list of beauty podcasts worth listening to since [this list], so the timing is perfect for an updated Ultimate Beauty Podcast Playlist. There are more players in the podcast pool now, and in the two years since I wrote the list linked above, many, many podcasts have simply ceased to exist. I’m not sure what it is but as with any new forum, there are those who are in it for the long game while others surface quickly, make a big splash then disappear.

I came up with this list based on a few key factors and they are the consistency of new episodes being published, content quality, whether I learn anything from listening and diversity of guests. A big added plus about these podcasts is that the hosts are in most instances seasoned beauty industry professionals and are quite hilarious so here they are in no order:

The Beauty Brains:

Hosted by Valerie George and Perry Romanowski, with Mr. Romanowski being one of the original hosts, both are cosmetic chemists in addition to wearing more hats in their professional careers. Their podcast is extremely light-hearted yet gets right to the point in debunking a slew of beauty and cosmetic myths that people continuously throw around plus they answer listener questions that also shape the discussion. Mineral oil anyone? Definitely have a listen and head to their website [here] for a list of past episodes. You’d be surprised by how much misinformation is out there. 

Naked Beauty Podcast

Brooke Devard has hosted the Naked Beauty Podcast sine 2017 and since then her show has hit a spot-on stride in terms of her topics, guests, sound and feel. Brooke’s voice is measured, endearing and she mines a particular aspect of the beauty sphere, voices of younger women who are on the cusp or who have established solid professional reputations while still in their relative youth. Brooke’s podcast translates more like a conversation you’d have trouble not hearing while at a swish coffee shop or at brunch between two friends having a catch-up. Check her out on Instagram at @nakedbeautyplanet and find listening options for the Naked Beauty Podcast online [here]. 

Full Coverage Podcast

If you want easy laughs, tales about cats and spending too much money on cosmetics mixed in with fangirl interview style, Full Coverage Podcast is your go-to for new makeup releases and chats featuring some of the people behind them. Hosted by professional makeup artist and blogger Harriet Hadfield along with author and wrestling….yes professional wrestling enthusiast Lindsey Kelk, this podcast is never short on laugh out loud moments. I suspect they’d make great coffee/tea buddies so have a listen directly on the podcast website [here], follow Lindsey on Twitter where she’s @LindseyKelk and head over to Harriet’s blog, to see what makeup is making the cut.

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Fat Mascara

Fat Mascara set itself apart almost instantly with their big-name guests, expert editing and two hosts, Jessica Matlin and Jessica Goldstein who’ve cut their teeth in the world of magazines. Simply put, they’re hilarious, well-informed and obviously well-connected as demonstrated by their guests. My ultimate favourite episode [listen here] is when they interviewed Frederic Malle, master perfumer and the founder behind the fragrance publisher or fragrance house Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. Think of highly popular scents such as Portrait of a Lady  #or the best body oil I’ve used and written about, Musc Ravageur Body and Hair Oil. Malle occupies the rarefied air of the fragrance industry in an unusual way, via his creation of a company that taps into the talents of individual perfumers by putting their names on the bottle. The Fat Mascara website [here] is also a fun space online that not only features episode lists but also offers savings on an evolving list of products for listeners.

All Things Beauty

For beauty chat with southern flair, tune into the All Things Beauty Podcast [here]. With a changing roster of hosts, the most consistent voice has been Amethyst Black, @AmethystBlackArtistry on Instagram. She’s usually joined by one or two other hosts where they lead into the show by describing the lipstick look they’re rocking that day. Peep the All Things Beauty podcast Instagram page [here].  

The Emma Guns Show

If you want a solidly produced podcast, have a listen to The Emma Guns Show. Hosted by  Emma Gunavardhana, a writer, consultant and former beauty editor, Emma G as she’s more wont to go by offers her listeners well planned and executed episodes running the gamut from beauty to health and lifestyle topics. Her guests span as wide a range as they are influential and her style is easy, inquisitive and focused, resulting in a brilliant listening experience. Her Instagram page is a pleasure as well, whether she’s testing red lipsticks or sharing her 26 Habits series. Find Emma G on Instagram [here].

Breaking Beauty Podcast

For lots of giggles and sunny interviews, join Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins for their podcast that I’m always thrilled to listen to. In their latest episode, they interview YouTube superstar and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Pimple Popper. And by the way, I will never, ever, ever watch that show as I am much too squeamish and likely would never eat again. Past Breaking Beauty Podcast episodes also feature Emily Weiss, founder of the minimalist beauty brand Glossier plus the co-founder of K-Beauty brand Glow Recipe. With the interviews as a central draw, the banter between Dunn and Higgins is the perfect frame for this podcast that has a solid beauty focus. Meet Jill and Carlene and listen to their podcast [here].

Outspoken Beauty

This one gets my vote for being top of the class as the host Nicola Bonn left a radio broadcasting career to strike out into the beauty podcast world. She is delightful and when joined by her co-host Cher Webb, they make a true dynamic duo. Discussing the latest beauty launches, what they’re loving and what products are actually working for them, it’s always an exciting listen. If you can never get enough beauty product talk and love hearing from brand founders and other creatives in the beauty world, I implore you to tune in [here].  

The Beauty Podcast With Sali Hughes 

Sali Hughes is a beauty journalist, author and all-around beauty industry veteran whose weekly newspaper column, Sali Hughes on Beauty, can be seen in The Guardian. She has authored three best-selling books,

  • Pretty Honest: The Straight Talking Beauty Companion
  • Pretty Iconic: A Personal Look At The Beauty Products That Changed The World 
  • Our Rainbow Queen 

Her newest venture, via the auspices of Avon, finds her as a new addition to beauty podcasting. Although this is a fairly new podcast, her guest list has already included some big names. Her topics so far have focused on health, lifestyle and of course beauty, and I only expect this production to get stuck in and occupy the upper echelons of this category. Ms. Hughes is an experienced interviewer who skilfully guides her guests into delivering engaging episodes that never leave you wanting. Do also have a look at her In The Bathroom Series on YouTube [here], where she has interviewed glitzy brand founders, world-renowned makeup artists and name-recognised creatives such as Charlotte Tilbury, Mary Greenwell, Sir John, Sam Mc Knight and Charlotte Mensah.

Now that you have the ultimate beauty podcast playlist to refer to when you need a break from what’s happening in the world, head [here] to see how to define your lips using products you already have and I hope this helps. 


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