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Makeup For Your Little Black or Navy Dress: Eyeshadows Inspired By Champagne

eyeshadows inspired by champagne

As promised, here’s the second post for the limited mini-series, Makeup For Your Little Black Or Navy Dress. The first post is [here] and was a bit of a match-up between MAC Ruby Woo and Chanel’s Pirate lipsticks. Essentially, I’m offering suggestions for your makeup look as the festive season approaches and I think you’d agree that eyeshadows inspired by champagne are a natural choice, plus they tend to have universal appeal.

Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Color in the shade Triton is a grey-leaning taupe with silvery undertones. Featuring a frosty finish, on my eyelids I also see subtle hints of green depending on the light.

chantecaille mermaid eyeshadow triton

The formula is one of contrasts, in that the texture is creamy yet there’s a slight powdery feel to it. While the application is not as effortless as I expected, once it’s on it stays for quite a long time. The colour pay-off is opaque but buildable and also doubles as a brightening liner for your waterline.

chantecaille mermaid eye color

Also, an eyelid primer is ideal with this eyeshadow to rein it in and prevent some of the pigment from slipping around. That happened when I wore it without primer. On deeper skin tones, I’d suggest starting with an almost transparent layer, waiting a bit then deciding if you need more as the frost becomes more evident the more you apply. Triton can also be worn wet or dry and as with all Chantecaille products, the brand is cruelty-free.

chanel ombre premiere eyesahdow undertone

Chanel Ombre Première Cream Eyeshadow in Undertone also satisfies the eyeshadows inspired by champagne theme. A cream formula in the true sense of the word, Undertone glides onto the eyelids and stays where it’s placed. Without primer, it doesn’t shift around as much as Chantecaille’s Triton but I definitely prefer to layer this over an [eyeshadow primer].

chanel ombre premiere eyeshadow undertone

Undertone features light copper, gold and bronzy tones which makes for a beautiful wash of colour. I like it applied with clean fingers but a targeted application can be achieved using a brush. It’s the ideal shade to pair with a bold lip and a few coats of mascara, and it naturally illuminates the waterline as well.

Although it’s a creamy texture, it sets nicely and delivers hours of wear without budging and leaves a satiny finish. Plus it creates the ideal base for layering, think powder over cream for depth and nuance. Chanel’s Ombre Première Eyeshadows come in eight shades that were created to work together.

While Triton is housed in a durable plastic pot, Undertone comes in glass. Both score points for portability but a funny thing to note is that although Triton’s pot is smaller than Undertone’s, both contain the same amount of product. Plus Undertone comes with a tiny brush that actually does a good job when used.

I tried layering them interchangeably but somehow, I think they are best worn separately or with more compatible eye products. Both shades are stunning on their own and are perfect for champagne inspired eyes during the festive season or year-round for lovely washes of colour to open up the eyes. Why not have a look through and #shopyourstash to see what eyeshadows you have that are inspired by champagne. It’s a fun little exercise that may save you from repeat purchases, especially with all the holiday launches happening at the moment, so I hope this helps.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re so welcome my dear, Undertone is a shade I think everyone should have xoxo

  2. Beautiful Champaign eyeshadows..especially Chanel undertone is so pretty… I can imagine how beautiful these eyeshadows would go with black or Navy Blue Dress… thanks for sharing hun…❤️


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