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Cleanser Review: MBR Two In One Cleanser

mbr two in one cleanser

mbr two in one cleanser

Am I the only one who thinks facial cleansers have become a bit complicated? So, to further complicate things, but not really, I’m reviewing the MBR Two In One Cleanser. MBR is a German skincare brand founded on the expertise of dermatologists and aesthetic physicians (plastic surgeons). Created in 2000, the brand is not shy about admitting that costs don’t prohibit the materials they test to help in product development, a factor very much reflected in the prices.

MBR was also created to accompany aesthetic treatments and to be used as part of post-operative skincare routines.

I’ve been using the MBR Two In One Cleanser for a couple of months now and first mentioned it in [this post]. Since then, close to half the bottle is gone and here’s what I can share to help you determine if this is a skincare investment you should make.

It’s a heavy, creamy cleanser featuring a mild, yoghurt-like scent. Via MBR’s website, here’s what is in the formula:

Allantoin, aprilose, Limnanthes Alba (meadowfoam seed oil), abyssinian oil, sea mayweed, mild cleansing substances. 

Allantoin is widely used in cosmetics to soothe and heal the skin and for its anti-irritation properties. While Aprilose is derived from natural apricot kernel oil polymers and also has vitamin A.

mbr two in one cleanserI use this cleanser sometimes once a day or sometimes twice. On days that I wear makeup, I use this as my cleanser and makeup remover to break down foundation, powder, sunscreen etc. However, it’s important to know that MBR Two in One Cleanser won’t completely remove mascara, whether waterproof or not.

MBR recommends leaving the cleanser on your face for a few minutes or so and then removing it with lukewarm water. I massage it in with slightly damp hands, then alternate between using my knuckles to apply pressure all over my face to de-puff and stimulate circulation then massaging a bit more, then I remove the cleanser with a clean warm cloth.

For evening cleansing that includes makeup removal, I apply it with slightly damp hands and massage to loosen up everything that’s on my face. Then, I use a warm cloth to remove everything and repeat the process with a second warm cloth.

I like the idea of my cleanser being powerful enough to work similarly to a mask and this once certainly fits that. When the cleanser is left on, it gives a tensing (tightening) effect. Plus it also helps the skin to retain moisture after its removed.

Here are some other benefits of MBR Two in One Cleanser (from the brand’s website):

• improves the skin surface structure
• maintains the natural skin moisture content
• supports the skin renewal process
• gives a soft, relaxed skin feeling

mbr two in one cleanser

No matter what cleanser you’re using, it’s always crucial to ensure you’ve brought your cleanser up to your hairline as makeup and skincare products can build up there. And also bring your cleanser down your neck, onto your décolleté and even around to the back of your neck and over your ears. Ears are often neglected so I like giving them some skincare love too, plus your neck should be receiving as much attention as you give to caring for your face.

The feeling of clean after using this cleanser is unparalleled. After I remove MBR’s cleanser, my skin never ever feels stripped, nor does it ever feel parched or rough. Instead, it feels clean in a way that no other cleanser, not even my beloved Biologique Recherche Lait VIP 02 has ever achieved. The clean feeling is similar to the way your teeth feel after your dentist has cleaned them, it’s that powerful.

The cleanser comes in a recyclable, plastic pump-top container and has 200ml/6.8 ozs of product, so it’s a very generous size. While it may not make it past customs in your carry-on, it’s so worth it to decant it into a smaller container if you’re travelling.

For morning cleansing, one full pump is sufficient while for evening cleansing, I recommend about two pumps to ensure that everything is completely removed.

mbr two in one cleanser

A few last things to know about MBR is that its products are free from mineral oil, parabens, PEG, phthalates and artificial ingredients. The brand’s portfolio includes many highly innovative products including something called the Liquid Surgery Serum that I’m completely fascinated by and would love to try.

Their headquarters have been located in Bad Schlema, Germany since 2000. The products are made in small batches using a high concentration of ingredients and the company is TÜV certified (high quality, safety).

To purchase MBR’s products, you’ll have to utilise online channels and I can highly recommend Rescue Spa. Their customer service is exceptional and they always ship quickly.

Alternatively, there are spas offering facials using MBR skincare, so have a look online to see what’s nearest to you. In the meantime, I’ll be busy manifesting an invitation from the fairy godmothers/fathers to have the MBR facial preferably at one of the Peninsula Hotels….fingers and toes crossed 🙂

MBR Two in One Cleanser is easily the most innovative cleanser I’ve ever used. It’s an expertly produced product that brings professional-level cleansing to your bathroom and benefits your skin with continued use. While I’m not suggesting this cleanser is a must, cleansing is the most important step in a skincare routine apart from using sunscreen. So it’s important to give this part of your routine the thought and attention it deserves, especially because we use so many products on a daily basis, so I hope this helps.






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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Yes, it’s quite a unique formula xx

  2. Britnee says:

    I’m have to try this it sounds great!

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    It’s always a pleasure to share niche brands as they tend to be so innovative and fun to try. You’re right, the cleanser’s skincare benefits are impressive and thank you, you have a great week ahead as well xo

  4. I have never heard of this German brand MBR two in one cleanser sounds great. I am impressed with the benefits it adds to the skin and loving its creamy texture… thanks for the detailed review dear Mod… Have a lovely week ahead…❤️

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