Weekend Getaway Beauty: See What I’ve Been Packing Lately

weekend getaway beauty

weekend getaway beauty

If you’re expecting a perfectly edited list of things you ‘should’ pack for your weekend getaway, sorry dears, this isn’t that post. Instead, I’m sharing my IRL beauty bags that I tend to overstuff when we travel. Sometimes I’m able to zip the bags closed and other times not and I’d bet you can relate. But no matter where we go, sunscreen, foundation and pencils for lips and eyes are usually included.

weekend getaway beauty

This isn’t a drill, everybody should wear sunscreen. I promise you, there’s a suitable one for every skin type and skin tone. I’m still swearing by my [Dermaquest] sunscreen that plays well with different makeup variations, whether I do a full face of makeup or just powder and concealer.

The tube is almost finished and I’ll have no choice other than to repurchase it. Along with sunscreen, we should probably be dialling up our efforts towards protecting our skin from the effects of pollution.

And while the jury is still out about whether or not anti-pollution skincare can completely protect one’s skin from environmental stressors, I sense that taking the extra step won’t hurt. Plus brands at every price point are beginning to wade into the category, making it more accessible.

I’ve been making great progress with the [Anti-Pollution Drops] from Dr. Barbara Sturm. It’s a light, fast-absorbing serum that protects your skin from environmental stressors and it also feels really magical on the skin when worn on its own. I’ll be doing a full review once I’ve used it up completely.

weekend getaway beauty

Another staple in my weekend getaway beauty bag lately is the [MBR Two In One Cleanser] This creamy cleanser is exceedingly different from any other cream cleanser I’ve used.

Packaged in a generous  200ml/6.8ozs container, it is quite the investment but broken down by cost-per-use, it may be the ideal option if you have dry skin or mature skin especially but it can also be used by all skin types.

The final key skincare in my weekend getaway beauty bag is eye and lip SPF which I’ve written about [here]While many SPF formulas can be used around the eye contour without irritation, I like having this dedicated one that I also use at home to combat the effects of blue light from the mobile telephone and computer.

Now to the makeup I pack, starting with what has turned out to be my favourite foundation find this year, Chanel’s [Ultra Le Teint Ultrawear All-Day Comfort Flawless Foundation].

This has seen me through weddings, tropical getaways, cool days and everything in between. As a new generation matte formula, Ultra Le Teint never leaves my dry skin feeling like the life has been drained from it and I also have to say it’s become my most used foundation in a very long time. 
chanel ultra le teint

Beneath my foundation, I like Chanel’s Le Blanc Light Creator Brightening Makeup Base. I’ve reviewed it [here] and since then, I’ve mastered using it further. It requires a thin application and I think it’s potential is maximised when applied with a brush.

I can also vouch for the fact this can be used on deeper skin tones because it dries down and melds with your skin to provide a brightening base that minimises the appearance of imperfections. Plus, it contains SPF 40, is oil-free and the plastic container makes it travel-friendly.

The [YSL Pore Refiner] and the [Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer]  have also become staples and are easy to toss into the makeup bag as well.

armani eye tint liquid eyeshadow halo

Another item that I’ve been rotating a lot is an item that’s a new addition to my makeup bag. Armani’s Eye Tint in 8 Flannel is quite the departure from any other eye shadow formulas I’ve tried.

With a creamy, whipped texture that stays for up to 16 hours, this comes in twenty-four shades and never fades or cracks while on the lid. This is brilliant if you want to keep your makeup routine minimal while travelling, as it opens up your eyes without much effort.

weekend getaway beautyHere’s evidence that I’m not good at minimal packing. That aside, layering has become increasingly important because I need to work harder to define my eyes and lips now. So it’s achieved with the use of these pencils.

Weekend getaways are such an easy way to recharge while seeing somewhere new. And for makeup/skincare devotees, it’s the perfect excuse to use what you have in a totally new way.

Before you go, I’ve spun the colour wheel and offered four ideas for your Fall/Winter manicure [click here] and I hope this helps.

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    It’s like a weakness right? 🙂 We pack all this stuff and then..

  2. Weekend get away to so much greenery is much needed. I always carry so many things and end up using few items. I love your selection. That Armani eye tint looks pretty and Lisa Eldridge lipstick 🙂

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