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What’s The Deal About These 5 Mostly Mini Things

Mostly mini things are a good thing in terms of beauty products and accessories and that’s exactly what I’m rounding up this time, except for one product which you’ll see below. So in honour of your largest organ, things should kick off with a focus on #skinfirst and it’s with a product you’ve likely seen or maybe even used.

estee lauder advanced night repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a pioneering serum that’s been on the bestseller list for years and comes in three sizes including a mini. ANR as I like to call it, has pro-ageing, smoothing, rejuvenating and brightening properties. I began using this earnestly this year after getting a sun rash and it made such a tremendous difference in combating it almost overnight. Since then, I’ve been totally sold and use this in my routine as a maintenance product. It’s easy to use, non-irritating and makes the ideal complementary product especially if you’re already using similar or stronger skincare. Apart from that, the ingredients include hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants and it tackles fine lines, dullness, dryness and lack of radiance.

Good Molecules Pure Coldpressed Rosehip Seed Oil is a very new addition to my rotation. Sustainably sourced, additive-free and cruelty-free, this is pure rosehip oil that’s light and also vegan.

good molecules pure cold pressed rosehip seed oil

Rosehip Oil is potentially beneficial to most skin types. Plus it’s a natural source of Vitamin C and has essential fatty acids that promote elasticity and helps to smooth skin. I’ve been trying to diminish facial oil use but I must admit this makes my dry skin feel comfortable and nourished. However, one drawback is that I wish it had better absorption, as I can still feel it a bit after it’s been on my skin for a while.

I use a few tiny drops and simply press it into my cheeks, forehead and chin and even the back of my neck. It’s a purse-friendly oil so if you’ve been in the market for a nourishing oil, this is a practical option.

Surratt Moderniste Lip Pencil in Chocolat Bisous is ideal for creating a neutral lip or even an ombre lip. I felt confident about buying this after hearing about the great formula and it turned out to be true!

Chocolat Bisous is a true chocolate brown, long-wearing formula. It glides on easily and can be tapped in, feathered out over the entire surface of your lips as a base or intensified when applied around your lip contour. This is a twist-up, mechanical pencil but it’s not too thick so even after using it, the point never totally flattens out. Plus there’s a detachable sharpener at the base if you like a fresh point for each use. One little secret to know is that if you dig around online, it may be possible to nab it at a discounted price.

clarins x the kooples lip comfort oil

Clarins X The Kooples is one of the coolest makeup collabs for this holiday 2019 season centred around two limited edition lip oils. Clarins is a heritage French beauty brand, while The Kooples, also a French brand, does cool-girl fashion with just the right amount of edge. So these two new lips oils are incarnations of Clarins permanent collection of best-selling lip oils that come in a range of colours. The limited-edition oils come in two colourways, Light Stone, which is a pinky shade and Dark Stone, the one I have. In the tube, dark stone looks totally black with gold flecks but on the lips, it is a sheer berry shade.

clarins X the kooples lip oil black stone

Dark Stone performs exceptionally, with the hydrating attributes coming from a blend of three plant oils. It’s also non-sticky, adjusts with your ph so its appearance will vary from person to person and it stays on really well.

clarins X the kooples lip oil black stone

It can be worn alone or over lipstick or another gloss or even over lip stains. And the applicator is probably one of the best I’ve used as it’s wider than usual and also more curved.

Carrière Frères Fig Tree (Ficus Carica) candle is truly one of the best candles I’ve come across in a while and the only non-mini item in this roundup. Under the same parent company and manufactured in the same factory as the luxurious Cire Trudon candles, I remember being ecstatic when I found out that Carrière Frères would be easier on my purse while having a similar pedigree to Cire Trudon.

carrier freres fig tree candle

In future, I’ll do a post on what separates less expensive candles from pricier ones. But in the case of Carrière Frères, their raw materials are ethically sourced and the perfume elements come from one of the most prestigious raw materials suppliers in the fragrance arena.

The Fig Tree candle uses vegetable wax, is housed in a frosted white glass vessel and accompanied by a simple label on the front. The fig notes are a balanced, rounded mix of subtle Mediterranean sweetness accompanied by whispering grassy and vanilla notes. There’s a freshness to the scent of this candle as well and when left unlit in a room, it’s nice to pick up and inhale.

When lit, the notes intensify to give off a respectable ‘scent throw’. While that scent throw or how far the scent travels is not as fas as I’d like, it’s still an enchanting candle. Also, I notice that if it’s left in a closed room, the scent will greet you upon opening the door. I definitely have other Carrière Frères candles on my radar and would not hesitate to recommend them especially if you’ve been eyeing up candles from Cire Trudon.

So that’s the deal about the mostly minis! Plus there are gift ideas [here] and I hope this helps.


*Good Molecules Pure Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil is a pr sample


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