Guerlain Météorites Goldenland Pearls Holiday 2019

guerlain meteorites goldenland

guerlain meteorites goldenland

Guerlain has finally drawn me back into the fold with this season’s Météorites, arguably one of their best versions ever! Météorites first appeared in 1987 and since then, they’ve inspired countless re-interpretations by other brands…but as much as I’m tempted to name them… I won’t. This year, the Guerlain Météorites Goldenland Pearls for Holiday 2019 graces us in its most universally flattering version. The limited-edition pearls feature a blend of matte and iridescent pigments in the shades rose gold, white to reflect light, burgundy/wine and copper. Each sphere has a specific role and together, they highlight, shade, soften and illuminate the face.

Guerlain Météorites Goldenland Pearls feature the signature violet scent which you’ll find in all Météorites. If you’re new to the pearls, you may find the scent strong but it fades quickly, especially once it’s on your skin.

guerlain meteorites goldenland

With the beautiful blend of rose gold, white, wine and copper, this leaves a stunning flush of colour without the ‘lines’ that sometimes happen with a blush. That’s because the colours meld with your skin to leave luminosity and light.

To use the Goldenland Pearls, I use the Chikuhodo Takumi Series T2 Powder Brush although a smaller angled brush works if you prefer. I dip right into the pan, tap away any excess then sweep across the highest part of my cheekbones and along my jawline. I also sweep the brush on either side of my temples with whatever’s left on the brush.

guerlain meteorites goldenland

If your skin veers towards very dry or oily, use extra care to adjust any complimentary products you apply prior to sweeping on the pearls.

This season’s Goldenland Pearls are made of encapsulated diamond powder and similarly to all Météorites, it draws upon Guerlain’s Stardust Technology. The shiny black pot and gold cap are made of metal and meant to be used again once all of the pearls are finished.

What makes Guerlain Météorites unique, is that it’s tested and packed by hand in the north-central city of Chartres, France.  And since its inception, it has been unparalleled, riveting and worth knowing about.guerlain meteorites goldenland

The other Guerlain Météorites I’ve used previously is Pearls du Paradis. I’d gotten it on eBay but it’s been a couple of years since I put it out to pasture.

In an industry that changes its spots every Monday morning, Guerlain’s Météorites has remained true to itself and has, in many instances, become better over the years; case in point, this year’s limited edition version. There are permanent versions in about three colourways, specific to different skin tones but this season’s version has me completely excited.

I think the pearls are ideal if you’re still leery of blush because it’s hard to mess up the application, plus it has more dimensionality than a conventional blush.

It’s also possible to select a few spheres and just use those depending on the look you’re aiming for but there’s no beating it when you dip right into the pan to get the benefits of all of the pearls combined.


The permanent collection Guerlain Meteorites are also sold in pressed powder versions but the colourways are limited. And in terms of value, Guerlain Meteorites has the potential to last more than a year. Just know that once in a while a pearl or two may jump out and roll away when you’re dipping your brush into the pot.

guerlain meteorites goldenland

I’m quite grateful to Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain’s esteemed Creative Director, for finally, finally, bringing a version of Météorites that actually shows up on my skin. The remainder of the Guerlain Holiday 2019 Goldenland collection is certainly worth having a look as it features an eyeshadow palette, highlighter and three new lipstick shades and all of the packagings are reusable. Personally, I think the hands-down star is the Météorites Goldenland Pearls. And if you’re craving more Holiday 2019 inspo, check out the goodies I cherry-picked from Chanel’s Les Ornements collection [in this post] and I hope this helps.

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