The 5 Products That Kept My Hair Situationship Together This Year

After using a bumper crop of products, some my hair really connected with and others less so, there are just five that kept my hair situationship together this year. I call it a situationship because the state of my hair at the moment can be described as thinning, losing density/fullness while experiencing some breakage on one side of my hairline. But on the other hand, the rest of my hair isn’t breaking, it grows out easily and the amount of hair fall I see on the bathroom floor has decreased dramatically.

Short of a miracle, any hope for a product that can totally overhaul the state of my hair is essentially a fantasy. So despite the problem areas, these are the items that have helped to keep things manageable:

kevin murphy young again mask

Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque is the Australian, post-shampoo next step I take in lieu of conditioner. Kinky/Coily hair-friendly, it’s creamy, deep-conditioning and hydrating, smells nice enough and the key thing is that it helps with manageability and maintaining softness. It’s ideal as the lead up to a blow-dry or if you simply rinse it out and go. Although wash and go styles aren’t a look I’m into, I need products that immediately contribute to making things easier at the end of my hair washing routine and this masque is it. Yet, and it’s somewhat a contradiction, I wouldn’t rate this product as a must-have, but the ingredients; baobab seed oil, bamboo extract, orchid flower and lotus flower extract are among the key reasons I’ve kept it around.

One last note about Kevin Murphy’s products is that they are only available via authorised salons. You can do an online search using your zipcode to find a location that carries it.

rene furterer nourishing overnight care

Rene Furterer Karite Nutri Nourishing Overnight Care is¬†another intensely hydrating product that has helped make my hair somewhat happier this year. Before using this I didn’t realise that overnight, leave-in ‘mask’ products were really a thing for the hair. Shea Butter and Shea Oil are central to this overnight mask in addition to ceramides and fatty acids to strengthen and soften the hair.

The good thing about this is that there’s no overpowering scent, it’s fast-absorbing and doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy, sticky or greasy. It feels more like a hair cream minus the heaviness. Plus, it seals my strands, helping them to remain nourished and smooth.

I use it a few times a week, closer to the evening but well before bedtime and apply it to my hairline and the ends of my hair to keep the strands smooth. Thankfully it doesn’t stain the pillows and ultimately, the key hair benefit of this is hydration and softness.

Now to the desperation moments when I could no longer graciously accept the number of grey hairs peppering my hairline.

clairol root touch up color blending gel

I bought Clairol’s Root Touch Up Color Blending Gel. I chose it in the dark brown shade but as much as I appreciate the convenience of this product, I realised afterwards that the shade was too dark.

But here’s why I’d still suggest it if you need to quickly cover greys.

The brush applicator is easy to use, plus you don’t need to mix anything. It’s a gel that you apply directly to dry hair, then rinse away, then apply conditioner. The blending gel may be left on for as little as ten minutes or longer if needed. But a word of caution, it’s possible to leave this on too long and end up with a hair-band effect so keep that in mind.

Rinsing it out of my hair is fairly easy plus it lacks any overpowering scents and the semi-permanent colour washes away after about ten shampoos. Ultimately, this is a hair convenience product that you should consider if there are no other options. But as much as it came through to cover my greys, nothing and I mean nothing in a box can ever really be properly utilised unless it’s in the hands of a qualified colourist.

color wow pop and lock high gloss finish

I continue to enjoy Color Wow Pop and High Gloss FInish. The first time I wrote about this product is [here] and it was very new to my haircare routine at that time. Now that it’s become a part of my rotation and one of the pillars of my hair situationship, I’ve really come to appreciate how well this keeps my hair in place and the healthy look it imparts without making my hair look overly slick or glossy.

With UV protection, this is part serum, part oil minus any gloppiness or stickiness. Plus it seals the hair cuticle which helps to lock in hydration. Like the other products featured, this also works on natural/curly hair to keep things looking uniform.

Last in the line-up and the product that I will definitely be re-purchasing is Oribe Damage Repair Power Drops Booster. This is a powerful, luxe scented serum for dry, damaged hair with biotin, sea kelp and linoleic acid. It also contains Oribe’s Signature Complex containing watermelon, edelweiss and lychee flower extracts. Just a few drops are needed to cover the head although I always have to stop myself from going overboard. Packaged in a glass bottle, the product comes out via a dropper that distributes a sufficient amount for each use.

oribe power drops damage repair booster

Every so often the pump top attached to the dropper needs a bit of coaxing. But that’s a tiny hiccup that doesn’t diminish how powerful this is. The serum can be used on damp hair or mixed in with another Oribe product or on its own on dry hair. Like the overnight treatment I spoke of at the top of this post, I focus this on my hairline especially the area where there’s breakage and on the ends of my hair, then I put my fingers in and do an all-over scalp massage.

oribe power drops damage repair booster

Because the bottle is only 30ml/1oz I feel that everyone’s experience will differ and some hair types may need a second bottle before seeing results. It is definitely an investment product especially for the size, but I really adore how it detangles freshly washed hair while smoothing and refining the look of hair that’s dry. And applying it to freshly blown-out hair gives it a salon finish that’s quite alluring.

In thinking of all of these products, none of them have turned out to be my hair’s soul mate. But what they have managed to do is make my hair life a bit easier and less frustrating. If you’ve used a hair care product you think is your hair’s soul mate, please share it in the comments as I’m very open to suggestions.

Other than that, there’s a product that’s pretty close to being a miracle because it’s the no-fuss, no-drama kind. You can check it out [here] and I hope this helps.


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