Minimal Fuss: Chanel Palette Essentielle Beige Medium

chanel palette essentielle beige medium

chanel essentielle palette beige medium

Am I glad I stopped the madness and finally got Chanel Palette Essentielle in Beige Medium? For more than a year, I kept hemming and hawing and putting this palette in my online shopping cart, removing it, then exhaustively reading reviews. Yet, I wasted no time in getting one of its many cousins, the Summer 2018 190 Éclat Solaire Palette Essentielle Été in which I’ve made quite the dent and reviewed [here].

Minimal Fuss is what these palettes are about. Chanel began introducing them around 2017 and to date, there are seven available colourways including the very summer driven Éclat Solaire. 

The idea behind these palettes is to be able to pull off a polished appearance with one compact with each having a concealer, highlighter and a  double duty cheek/lip shade.

Here’s what’s in the Palette Essentielle in Beige Medium

chanel palette essentielle beige medium

From the top:

Highlighter shade in shimmer-free, silvery champagne that blends out nicely even on a deeper skin tone. It works on the brow bone, at the top of cheekbones, and even on the centre of the cheek when buffed all the way in. This highlighter shade also doesn’t break apart on the skin. It makes the skin luminous and in a pinch, the highlighter shade can also be quickly tapped right above the lash line alone or layered over powder and cream eyeshadows.

The concealer shade is on the light side for me but works when layered over my regular concealer and gives extra brightness. Despite how it looks in the compact, the texture is balmy and the pigment blends out smoothly. It’s creamy, easy to pick up and somehow, despite my dry skin it doesn’t crack over time. And if you need to top it up later in the day, it doesn’t cake up and flake.  Just know that if pronounced dark circles are an issue, you may need to rely on something else.

Now to the cheek/lip shade, my favourite part of this palette and the key aspect really. As deep as the shade appears (deep burgundy/Bordeaux), it’s actually quite translucent, so it must be layered unless you truly want just a hint of colour on your cheeks and lips.

I like picking it up and buffing it in with a flat top brush. Although I do like to get clean fingers in there then tap the shade onto my cheeks. On the lips, the shade is nothing short of stunning. It goes on easily, can be applied with fingers for a stain finish or applied with a lip brush for more intensity. It’s also creamy and hydrating and is surprisingly long-lasting until you’ve eaten. But even then, it never fades completely and leaves a stain, so you’ll need to reapply.

chanel palette essentielle beige medium

Chanel’s Palette Essentielle in Beige Medium is the workhorse you need that conceals, highlights and adds beautiful, wearable colour for everyday ease. It’s the ideal travel companion and also slots in as a complement to whatever else is already in your collection.

chanel palette essentielle beige medium


chanel palette essentielle beige medium
Blended out

None of the shades ever go on too intensely so if you prefer a pared-back look or if you need one product to help you get through the workweek in a snap, consider this; especially since there are seven versions from which to choose.

And to help you shop smarter, whether for yourself or if you’re getting gifts, see how to choose and care for Cashmere [here] and I hope this helps.






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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    A pleasure to share indeed, you’re so welcome xo

  2. oh you remind me that I always wanted that palette… it is one of the most versatile and beautiful palettes indeed … thanks for swatching Mod…❤️

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