Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer Review

good molecules priming moisturizer

good molecules priming moisturizer

Priming Moisturizers seem to be having a moment so I was quite pleased to receive this from Good Molecules to try. Part moisturizer and definitely part primer, this silicone-free wonder product has proven to be quite a fave for me. I know for some people primers are essentially a no-go zone but there are some really good ones around; some of the ones in my rotation are [here].

Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer boasts a slew of hydrating ingredients such as everyone’s darling, shea butter and macadamia seed oil. That silicone-free aspect is replaced by a plant-derived alternative, making this product ideal for those with silicone allergies or aversions. This also contains olive oil fatty acids along with vitamin E.

good molecules priming moisturizer

This priming moisturiser feels similar to a light cream though it’s not at all runny. It spreads easily on the skin and feels extremely pleasant. Plus it absorbs quickly and creates a cocoon-like feeling on the skin minus any oiliness.

Makeup definitely goes on better over this and it doesn’t collide with other products you may put on over or under it including sunscreen.

Here’s what else Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer is free from:

  • Fragrance
  • Mineral Oil
  • Alcohol  
  • PEG

Plus it’s vegan and cruelty-free as all Good Molecules products are. Another plus is that it comes in a pump top hard plastic container and can quite likely be packed into your carry-on as it’s only 1.7 ozs/50ml.

good molecules priming moisturizer

When I’ve worn it alone, it makes my skin look much smoother and gives a more even appearance to the skin tone overall. The comfortable feeling sticks around for a number of hours although by day’s end I can start to feel that my skin needs a hydration top-up.

So if you have a drier skin type like mine and you’re wearing this alone, just know that you may need to reapply after a few hours.

good molecule priming moisturizer

Apart from that, I’d say this is standard stuff, in other words, it’s more of a skincare prep that helps your makeup apply seamlessly. But I also regard it as a not much thought required light moisturizer if you prefer to keep things very simple. And priced at under 20USD (at the time of this writing), you really couldn’t go wrong with it so I hope this helps.


*pr sample

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(4) Comments

  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Of course, oily skin’s needs are quite different xoxo

  2. Light moisturiser sounds good. Having oily skin I prefer non greasy feeling moisturiser. Will keep this in mind. 🙂

    Ms.V |

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re so very welcome! It’s totally understandable about your skin plus it makes two of us as I need to try the cleansing balm as well:)

  4. Thanks for the review! I’m not sure this is a good product for me (too oily and I like using separate moisturizer and primer) but it’s a good idea. I still need to try out the sample of their cleansing balm!

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