5 Highly Favoured Lip Glosses That Anyone Can Wear


Can you tell I’m still, still, combing through my makeup stash with eagle eyes? There’s a growing pile of things in a corner that will inevitably be decluttered but in the meantime, I’m offering up my 5 highly favoured lipglosses in shades that anyone can wear.

Of the 5 lip glosses, I’ve had the Dior Addict Lip Glow in 006 Berry the longest and I’d repurchase it in a hot second. The other 4 lip glosses are all just as loved as you’ll see in some of the tubes. They all score top points for hydration, a much-needed characteristic in a lip gloss. And while none of the 5 are sticky, they’re all made with lip-friendly ingredients so here they are in no particular order..

dior addict lip glow

Dior Addict Lip Glow 006 Berry is an ultra-hydrating hybrid that marries the best aspects of a lip balm with the transparency of lipgloss in the best possible way. When my lips are really out to sea and thrashing around trying to stay looking alive, this throws them a life-line so they can bounce back and look human again. With mango butter, this is one of the best lip products around and it comes in an assortment of shades.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss 804 Rose Naif received quite the workout from me to the point I can see the wand through the tube. It’s inevitable it will end up in an empties post in the future and definitely worth writing about more than once like [in this post].

chanel rouge coco gloss

Rose Naif is the kind of gloss that you can layer over anything, and I mean anything. It’s universally flattering, looks almost candy pink in the tube but in actuality, it’s mostly transparent in the best possible way. If you’ve eaten and need to make your lips look and feel ‘done’ in a snap, no matter what lip combo you were wearing, this will over-deliver on infusing your lips with the exact amount of needed hydration.

Clarins x The Kooples Lip Comfort Oil in Black Stone was one of the standouts of 2019 to me. It looks like the opposite of what it actually is and leaves the most stunning plummy finish on the lips. Longwearing, hydrating, and the epitomy of ‘edgy’, at least based on looks, I wish if everyone didn’t gravitate to the default candy pink version/sibling to this.

clarins lip comfort oil

Although it isn’t widely available anymore because it was a limited edition collaboration with French fashion brand The Kooples, Clarins has several other lip oil shades from which to choose.

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash Illuminating Top Coat 200 Light Up is one of those sweet treats Chanel likes to crank out. For a product that isn’t formally classified as a lip gloss, it certainly behaves similarly to one but we’ll get back to that.

It comes in a rectangular lipstick tube with a transparent cap, enabling you to see the shade inside without opening it. It’s the type of product you can smoothe on without a mirror, and I’d even argue that simply based on its looks, you wouldn’t seem odd for swiping it on quickly if you were at a table in a restaurant or at a meeting.

chanel rouge coco flash

With a blend of soothing oils and the tiniest flecks of micro-shimmer, this is indeed a great topper or you could also wear it alone. I’ve done that and my lips felt comfortable and looked ‘dressed’.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss 818 Fraîcheur was released as part of Chanel’s Cruise 2019 Vision D’asie Makeup collection. Featuring sea glass shades such as blues and greens, I’ll admit I fell for this lipgloss mostly because of the sparkly bits visible in the tube.

chanel rouge coco gloss

IRL it’s mostly transparent but leaves a luminosity on your lips that includes the subtlest hints of shimmer. And with a smooth texture, there’s no wrong way to wear this lipgloss.

One of the key things to know about Chanel’s lip glosses is that they are non-sticky, deliver hydration from the moment it’s applied to the moment it’s removed and never fails to make anything it’s layered over to look one hundred times better. The formula includes peptides, coconut oil and vitamin E along with a patented Hydraboost Complex.

chanel lip gloss

Also, Chanel’s lip glosses don’t flake or break apart and they retain their ‘spreadability’ even if you take a break from using them. I’m pointing that out because some glosses tend to begin disintegrating in their tubes the longer you have them and in my experience, Chanel’s has never done that.

One last thing to note about Chanel’s lip glosses, my one very tiny annoyance is that it’s possible to get through them very quickly. For 808 Rose Naif as an example, I made a big dent in maybe less than four months of consistent use. The shelf life is pegged at eighteen months on the tube so I suppose that’s a fair amount of time but it’s likely you’d finish it much sooner.

Lipsticks will always be my first love and there’s always a new bunch I’m clocking; hello Guerlain Cherry Blossom Spring Collection 2020. But the 5 highly favoured lip glosses in this post have been nothing short of brilliant, maybe you’ve tried one or two?

Also, lips and nails look quite smart when dressed in similar colourways, so check out [this post] about Olive and June, the California based indie nail salon that’s shaking up the way we DIY our manicures and I hope this helps.



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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    As always you’re so very welcome! Yes, quite likely the Clarins gloss is long gone although sometimes you never know if there’s a few lurking at the counters 🙂

  2. All excellent choices. I’m partial to Chanel’s formula, but I’m intrigued by Dior’s! I think the Kooples for Clarins is long gone, but I remember how sleek and modern the packaging was.
    Thank you for the reviews!!

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