The 7 Best Cream Blushes I’ll Be Mixing This Year For Skin-Like Washes Of Colour

cream blush

I have seven of the best cream blushes I’ll be mixing this year to share with you. If your skin tends towards dryness or if it’s maturing or if you just want to try new textures, then cream blush may be where the sweet spot it. They are increasingly the type of blush I prefer and it seems more brands are finally catching up to how versatile and skin-like cream blushes can be especially when they’re well formulated. 

trestique blush stick

Trestique Baby Blush Stick-Bora Bora Coral is one of my newbies that’s cruelty-free and comes in two other shades. While I have the mini version of this blush stick as it was part of a set, the regular size is dual-ended and has a built-in brush. With this crayon format, you can dab it onto your cheeks or scribble the colour on then tap it in with your brush or fingers. It leaves a soft yet visible flush of colour that dries down to a soft finish. It applies better over base products such as tinted moisturiser or a light foundation or even powder. Just know that while it goes on perfectly fine on bare skin, the colour isn’t as vibrant as when applied over a base.

illamasqua colour veil gel blusher

Illamasqua Colour Veil Gel Blusher in Entice has been an established member of my collection with its gel formula and easy to apply texture. I love this because it’s travel-friendly and can be applied with fingers or a brush although I prefer fingers for this one. It also works well if you layer powder blusher over it, and it holds up really well up in hot temperatures. Thinking back on my initial experience with this gel blush, the texture took a bit of getting used to but I’ve come to realise how innovative the formula is, hence the reason it performs as well as it does.

chanel palette essentielle

Chanel Palette Essentielle Été 190 Éclat Solaire was part of the brand’s Summer 2018 Éclat et Transparence Collection. On first glance, I hesitated but I’m so pleased I got it. I think there are two camps of people when it comes to these Essentielle palettes, some people make a beeline for them while other are puzzled and simply avoid them. If you happen to be in the ‘avoid’ camp or you’re unsure, I urge you to give one a try because Chanel are masters at textures and finishes.

All of the Essentielle Palettes have a dual-purpose cheek and lip shade which is why I’ve included them. In Éclat Solaire, the cheek/lip shade is a stunning orange-red that looks beautiful on the lips and on the cheeks it translates to the most enlivening shade that leaves a stunning wash on the skin. It’s a palette that needs you to trust it despite how it appears on the surface. The cheek shade applies with ease and responds to fingers and brush application equally with very good wear time.

kjaer weis bronzer

Kjaer Weis Bronzer in Lustrous made it to this cream blush list because it can definitely stand in as blush with it’s translucent, longwearing coppery finish. This is one of the gold standard brands in the ‘cleaner beauty’ category and well worth your attention. My first go-round with this cream bronzer was quite a pleasing experience that’s continued unchanged. It also gets marks for being visible against my skin tone and it never makes me look like an ash bowl.

Although Lustrous is billed as a cream bronzer, there’s a translucency to it you’ll see in the swatch below. With one layer you’re still able to get a glimpse of your skin. This way you can build it up to your preference with little error which is a good thing especially if you’re new to using a creamy texture.

chanel les beiges blush  

Chanel Les Beiges Blush No. 22 is one of five cream blush sticks currently offered by the brand. I got this for easy, casual makeup looks which is exactly the finish it delivers. With beeswax and rose extract, this has a gel- balm texture. The pigment doesn’t deliver an opaque finish, instead, it’s buildable and only leaves a wash of colour. Lasting time could be better but you can toss it in your bag to top up if needed.

Clé de Peau Beauté Cream Blush No. 2 is also new to me. I’ve always read good things about this blush and I’m pleased to be able to add to those good reviews without hesitation. 

cle de peau cream blush

Surprisingly, this blush formula contains argan oil and light diffusing powders. It has a creamy feel between the fingers and spreads so so easily onto the skin. I tap it on with my fingers and then buff/shade with a small brush. Despite the presence of oil in the formula, you couldn’t tell while it’s on the skin. 

I’m pleasantly surprised that it shows up on me and it’s definitely buildable. Even if you applied a single layer, it eventually turns into a subtle wash of colour on the skin. It’s a product that I can say actually looks like it’s part of your skin as opposed to something that’s been applied to it. 

Wear time is also excellent and it doesn’t fade or break apart. At the moment, Clé de Peau Beauté offers four shades of the cream blush and yes, there’s room for more shades. 

As Clé de Peau Beauté is part of the Japanese founded Shiseido group of companies, I’m uncertain if that ‘excuses’ the fact that more blush shades are needed? Same for their foundations and concealers although I’ve had one of their concealers for a number of years now and have been able to use it.

chanel palette essentielle

Chanel Palette Essentielle 160 Beige Medium is another stellar compact that offers multi-use pigments including one that doubles as cheek and lip colour. 

The Beige Medium palette has posh vampy vibes that absolutely have my heart. The cheek/lip shade appears as a deep Bordeaux in the pan but is remarkably far more sheer and easy to apply and pull off than it looks. 

The texture is light and the pigment can be built up or sheered out to your preference. And as an aside, it feels as equally comfortable on the cheeks and on the lips. At some point during each week, I go back and look at the other palettes in this series on the Chanel website because each of them are so pretty. 


Do give cream blush a try if you haven’t yet and if your love language includes anything from the French Pharmacy, there are treats galore so see  In My Latest French Pharmacy Haul and I hope this helps. 




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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    I think you just may enjoy either of the ones you mentioned, the formulas are exceptional and manage to allow your skin to not look as if it’s been cemented in pigment, but rather, lustrously cloaked in it..

  2. I adore cream blush and you have some picks I haven’t tried! Now I’m eyeing the Cle de Peau, Kjaer Weis (both so luxe!) and the Illamasqua – it looks so creamy. Thank you for the reviews and swatches!

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