The All Chanel, All Hydrating Skincare Hot Date

I have an all Chanel, all hydrating skincare hot date to share in lieu of a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. These are some of my favourite products from the brand that provides my dry skin with that comfortable feeling it craves and increasingly needs.

Some of the items are re-purchases while others are new additions but ultimately, my hope is that maybe you find some answers for a product that may be on your radar.

Also, I realise that fragrance may be an issue for some and Chanel’s products are notorious for fragrance. Let’s hope in future, this will begin to change.

chanel le lift concentre yeux

Le Lift Concentré Yeux is light and creamy, absorbs quickly and has a slight cooling feeling. I use it morning and evening and so far, it’s never been irritating. There’s a tiny bit of fragrance but it’s possible not to notice it.

This is my first experience with it and it hydrates my eye contour and works well under makeup. I had a moment one day and realised that my eye contour is looking like a brighter, smoother version of itself although I can’t say I’ve noticed any overly dramatic changes since using it.

It comes in a pump bottle and is TSA-friendly at 15ml. The one drawback is that you’re unable to see the amount of product inside, so I know I’ll go to use it one day and it will be empty.

Huile de Jasmin Revitalizing Facial Oil has offered my skin oodles of comfort since I’ve been using it. Plus, I’ve used this in my hair from time to time to smoothe out the texture and after doing an at-home blowdry. The first time I wrote about Chanel Huile de Jasmin, it was a new addition to my collection and I fell for it pretty quickly.

With the mildest floral scent and jasmine extract from Chanel’s landholdings in Grasse, this won’t clog your pores. I use a few tiny drops under foundation during cooler weather, plus it maintains my skin’s comfort levels without leaving a heavy or sticky residue.

chanel le blanc essence healthy light creator

Le Blanc Essence Lotion Healthy Light Creator is one of my absolute favourites from the brand which is why I’m on my second bottle. This is an essence lotion, which means that it is more hydrating than conventional toner.

Drawing on ume flower extract, ume flower oil and vitamin c, this offers a brightening effect and even helps to fade old spots with consistent use.

This essence lotion also works really well under makeup or applied on concentrated on areas of your face that you may want to highlight, such as cheeks and the outer orbital bone.

With a 3-fold action in that, it’s as ‘hydrating as a lotion, as comfortable as an oil, as powerful as a serum’ I see it as a truly innovative product that satisfies the need for brightening and hydration.

Even if you’re not an oil-lover, this offers the comfort and benefits of an oil although it has a water-like, milky texture.

I also shared the benefits of Le Blanc Essence Lotion when doing a lotion mask at home. Lotion masks are one of the easiest ways to perk up your skin and boost hydration, so have a look at the post to see how.

chanel hydra beauty micro serum

Another re-purchased hydrating darling is the Hydra Beauty Micro Serum. Also with a light texture that’s not watery or too thick, this definitely provides extended hydration and creates an ideal canvas when used as a makeup primer. Plus it holds its own when layered under or over other skincare.

Formulated with Camellia Alba, a highly concentrated form of camellia oil extract along with Blue Ginger to protect the skin, if you want one serum that gets to work immediately without faffing around, consider this one.

I was torn between whether I should refer to Sublimage La Crème as the Granddaddy, the Rolls Royce or the Hope Diamond of Chanel’s skincare. Every use of this cream is indeed like a hot date for my forty-something skin because it delivers on sensoriality and efficacy.

chanel sublimage

Sumblimage La Crème is quite fragranced, but it also works to strengthen the skin, restore its vitality and believe it or not, with continued use it helps to fade spots. I love using this on nights where I don’t use a skin corrector and it never fails to be the ultimate treat. I always wake up to skin that looks plump and bouncy even if I didn’t sleep very well.

Chanel now offers this in a smaller, 0.5-ounce jar while the regular size is 1.7 ounces. In my experience, the larger jar can take you through an entire year, while I sense that the smaller jar is likely to almost serve you just as long.

And if you need more intel, have a look at this post that can help you decide if Sublimage is really worth it.

I started to pull the breaks on using facial oils too often and if you find yourself feeling similarly, Chanel offers alternatives that deliver the comfort and benefits of oil but with elegantly formulated products such as the Le Blanc Essence Lotion Healthy Light Creator or The Hydra Beauty Micro Serum. 

In future, I’ll do an update on Le Lift Concentré Yeux once I’ve finished the bottle. And have a look at the 5 Highly Favoured Lip Glosses That Anyone Can Wear if you enjoy a really good lipgloss and I hope this helps.











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