Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused Body Lotion and Scented Candle Review

Herb Essntls is one of the most unique brands I’ve used up to now. And no, that’s not a spelling error. Herb Essntls is a cannabis infused beauty brand that was founded in NYC in 2015. Their products use only organic ingredients, there are no harmful preservatives and it’s all cruelty-free. Plus none of the formulas includes THC, the compound in marijuana that gives that mind-altering feeling. 

Instead, they use oils from the plant that are combined with organic ingredients to create products that are skin-loving and rich in omegas. 

I opted for two items, the body lotion and the scented candle.

Cannabis-Infused Body Lotion

Cue the Saturday Night Fever vibes as I’ve been crushing hard on Herb Essentls packaging, especially the font that instantly reminds me of the 70s. 

herb essntls body lotion

Time to name drop some of the hydrating heavies in the formula: 

Chamomile, shea butter and aloe vera. Then there’s olive fruit oil, lavender flower stem extract, Japanese green tea leaf extract, apple extract, cucumber extract, carrot root extract and parsley extract. And there’s more, plus the texture is pleasing, not too heavy, nor too light with quick absorption.

herb essntls body lotion

It feels slightly cooling and despite the number of plant and veg ingredients, the scent is quite mild and leaves a light balmy feeling. That slightly cooling feeling also helps if I need to massage my joints if they feel a bit sore. 

The plastic container is recyclable and the pump top makes it very easy to use so it’s turned out to be a useful addition to my rotation. 

herb essntls candle

Cannabis-Infused Candle

So far this year, my candle collection has been growing at a pleasingly steady rate with this one being another welcome addition.

The heavy glass jar is brought to life with minimalist cool design elements (that font) and the blend of patchouli and dry amber blended with cannabis. Also, this candle’s top notes feature citrus and bergamot.

herb essntls candle

All of the ingredients in the candle emit a subtle scent that creates a calming atmosphere. Plus the candle’s ‘cold throw‘ is quite respectable. When I walk into a room if it’s unlit, the scent is apparent. That way I get to stretch out the pleasure of having it in my collection for as long as possible because of the great ‘cold throw’.

Also important is that it burns evenly and passes my ‘sooty rim’ check. In other words, it’s annoying when you have a gorgeous glass candle jar and the candle leaves a ring of soot on the top; happily, this one doesn’t. 

While I’m still wary of the seeming onslaught of brands suddenly cranking out cannabis-based products, Herb Essntls has silenced the ‘Protesting Patty’ in my head. Ultimately, I think a candle and a body lotion are ideal curiousity soothers in relation to cannabis-based personal care products. 

Herb Essntls also has other goodies including a perfume oil, lip balm and cleansing oil. Adding to the cool factor of the brand is a product photography series shot by the Stockholm based designer and artist, Cecilia Armand. Check out the shots on Herb Essntls website and let me know if you’ve tried any cannabis-based personal care products. I hope this helps. 


*Thanks to Herb Essntls for providing the products featured. 


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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Armand’s photographs are impeccably sleek and perfect in it’s clean, crisp Nordic aesthetic. Total love indeed..Always very much a pleasure my dear, thank you xx

  2. Oooh! The packaging is so sleek and I love the photos by Armand (although your styling here is impeccable.) I’m not big on the whole CBD trend mostly because I don’t think it actually works when applied topically, but a candle could be very soothing…if only I wasn’t terrified of fire from leaving a candle lit! LOL. Although it’s probably a good thing – with the amount of beautiful designs and scents I’d be even more broke if I indulged in candles. Thank you for the very thorough review!

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