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The Olive and June Studio Box Review: It’s The Glowup Your At-Home Manicure Needs

olive and june

olive and june

The Olive and June Studio Box comes from a namesake nail salon that came about in 2013. Since then, the breakout product from Olive and June is The Poppy, a handle that fits over the small inner cap of your nail polish bottle.

The job of The Poppy is to give you greater control over the nail polish bottle handle and ultimately with applying your nail polish. Made from a lightweight soft silicone, The Poppy is likely to fit over most small inner nail polish caps.

olive and june

A visit to the Olive and June website also yields options to buy additional manicure implements along with the brand’s own nail polishes that come in an assortment of shades, one of which you’ll see below.

You also have the option to choose one of three mani kits if you want other items in addition to The Poppy and they are:

  • The Treat Yourself Box
  • The Everything Box
  • The Studio Box  

I chose the Studio Box and here’s what’s inside:

  • The Poppy
  • Olive and June Topcoat
  • Olive and June Nail Polish (you choose your shade when you order)
  • Nail polish remover pot 
  • Cleanup brush
  • Flat edge nail clipper
  • Dual Grit nail file
  • Buffer cube
  • Cuticle serum

olive and june nail polish remover

The nail polish remover pot comes in a 2 oz/70ml plastic container and is acetone-free. Using this eliminates the need for cotton which is a good thing. To use, you slip each finger into the container, give a little twist and allow the saturated sponge inside to do the work of removing the old polish, which happens very quickly.

While I can’t say the remover is scent-free, the scent doesn’t linger too long. I also don’t find the remover to be drying, but along with removing old nail polish, it also lifts up anything around your nails that need to be removed such as old cuticle.

olive and june clean up brush

The cleanup brush is as the name implies, making it a breeze to neaten up around the nails after you’ve applied polish. I like to dip the brush into the remover container which makes tidying up the lines a snap.

The flat edge nail clipper is the sharpest one I’ve ever used. It’s precise and makes quick work of anything that you’re clipping away.

olive and june

For neatening your nails, the dual grit nail file is the right length, not too long or short, feels comfortable in hand and has the right amount of grit to make filing quick.

The buffer cube is also a perfect size and you don’t have to guess which side to use to get a precise buff.

The Poppy, as I said above is made from soft silicone that can be pressed/squeezed between your fingers. With a hollow interior, it slips right over the small inner cap of the nail polish brush. I tried it over non-Olive and June nail polish handles and it fitted precisely.

Maybe I need to do some wrist-strengthening exercises but my one complaint is that The Poppy makes the nail polish handle just a tad bit heavier and at first I found it slightly awkward, but I got used to it.

Otherwise, I think the Poppy is ideal to use with nail polish handles with flat brushes instead of round brushes.

So while I do appreciate it, I personally wouldn’t consider The Poppy to be life-changing. To me, the nail brush, buffer cube, and nail polish remover have been the real standouts.

Both the top coat and nail polish have also been exceedingly impressive.

olive and june nail polish

Olive and June’s nail polishes are cruelty-free, vegan and 7-free, which means the formula does not contain:

  • dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
  • toluene
  • formaldehyde
  • formaldehyde resin
  • camphor
  • ethyl tosylamide
  • xylene.

I’ve been in a committed, long-term relationship with Chanel’s topcoat, specifically Le Gel Coat for a few years now and that’s unlikely to change. However, I do have to give credit where it’s due and Olive and June’s topcoat is exceptional. When coupled with O&J’s nail polish I was able to clock about eight solid days of chip-free wear.

It’s recommended that the topcoat is reapplied every two to three days but I didn’t follow that because I really wanted to see how it would behave.

olive and june nail polish hz

For my nail shade, I chose a rosy pink, specifically HZ which is named for the founder of Third Love, Heidi Zak. It’s a beautiful pink, (similar here) that truly flattered my deeper skin tone.

Thankfully, HZ has no green or yellow undertones that are easily seen. It’s a creamy formula that is self-levelling and looks best after applying two coats.

Lastly, the cuticle serum has also been great to have. I’ve since incorporated it into my nighttime hand care routine after applying hand cream.

olive and june cuticle serum

Housed in a click-pen container featuring a sponge tip for easy application into the cuticles, this is really easy to use. The cuticle serum is formulated with skin-loving oils such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, apricot seed oil and cactus flower extract plus other extracts and oils.

Thankfully, the cuticle serum doesn’t leave a greasy feeling or any other residues on your skin and it’s travel-friendly.

olive and june

Olive and June’s Studio Box is a sturdy, branded cardboard box with a neat little space for your mobile phone for if you’re feeling cheeky and wanted to take photographs or video yourself doing your manicure.

There are also inserts detailing the contents of the studio box along with a condensed bio of the company. All of the implements come in one large and one smaller, sturdy, reusable zip-top bag that arrive inside of the studio box.

Everything can easily be kept in the box when you’re not using it so you needn’t be concerned about finding a space for it.

Also, you can purchase some things individually without buying one of the manicure boxes. The Poppy, the cuticle serum, any of the nail polishes and the topcoat can all be purchased individually.

Plus there are kits available if you just want to purchase a handful of nail polishes as an example.

At the time of this writing, Olive and June have three nail salon locations in California. But the bigger win to me is the accessible pricing and online availability of the manicure tools and nail polishes because it’s all been well thought out.

olive and june nail polish hz

Last thing, some of Olive and June’s nail polishes and nail stickers have just become available at Target. I’d love to see how Olive and June’s founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle expands and moves the brand forward so maybe the Target move is the first step in that direction.

And if you need a creamy, comfortable to use product that helps to send dark spots packing, check out this quick post on the Peter Thomas Roth Niacinamide Discoloration Treatment and I hope this helps.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re welcome and thank you! It really is a very practical kit, I think you’ll be pleased xx

  2. nicole says:

    Love your review, thank you for it! The rose blush polish looks beautiful on you> I was on the fence about ordering this but I think I will as the kit seems useful!

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