The 4 Candles Currently In My Candlelit Corner

scented candles

Increasingly, I think of beautiful scents as one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether it’s from your favourite bottle of perfume or essential oils or a scented candle you light in order to set a mood and relax, humans have been using scents for millennia and that shows no sign of changing anytime soon.

So today I thought I’d share the pleasure with you via the four candles below. One is certainly a new venture for me as it includes CBD oil, while the other three draw on more conventional ingredients such as lush florals, woods and herbs.

I suppose you can say the first candle chose me. During stays at Kimpton Hotel properties, it’s hard not to notice the distinct scent wafting through the lobbies. The scent is clean, uplifting, sophisticated and totally alluring and known as The Kimpton scent.

the kimpton candle

The Kimpton Candle uses a soy blend wax and has notes of musk, black pepper, clove, green tea and citrus. Whoever is behind this scent deserves major credit because it’s unforgettable.

Together, the notes translate smoothly and fill the space with a scent experience that evolves evenly and is at no time overpowering. I find myself seeking it out, seeking out the experience of it when it’s lit, and the measured, alluring way it wafts about. This isn’t a candle that tries too hard which makes it safe to give as a gift  since the glass jar its housed in is also simple and elegant.

herb essntls candle

Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused Candle is also subtle in its approach to scenting a space. With warm, calming notes of bergamot, patchouli, dry amber, cannabis buds and citrus, this candle also boasts a really good cold throw. The black glass jar is ultra-chic and I already have plans to repurpose it.

Roads Fragrances Black Door Perfumed Candle is an off the cuff discovery that I’m so pleased to have in my collection. From an Ireland based company focusing on fragrances, publishing and entertainment, this company has perfectly captured the bespoke concept.

roads fragrances black door candle

Roads also do fragrances but the candles boast some unusual blends and the one I have, Black Door, is, in one word, an enigma. White frosted glass accompanied by a lid for when the candle is unlit is adorned with a clean black font while the candle inside is blended with warm, creamy notes from tobacco, rose, coumarin and amber.

Similarly to the other candles featured, this burns evenly and leaves no soot on the rim of the jar. Together, the ingredients marry to deliver room-filling scent throws whether the candle is lit or unlit.

Lastly, from the French brand Kerzon is their candle Jardin du Luxembourg. Kerzon has an extensive range of scents for the home including ones for linens, the bedroom and body.

kerzon jardin de luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg is clean, lightly floral and infused with creamy notes that are a pleasure to both the nose and the soul. It burns clean and soot-free and I also notice that as the wax reduces gradually after burning, it remains level as opposed to becoming lob-sided or uneven as happens with some candles.

Lilac and honey are the anchoring accords in this candle. In Kerzon’s words  ”Jardin du Luxembourg candle reveals a head of green almond with a heart of lime and lilac on a honey base. A nod to the garden’s many beehives”.

From the establishment of Jardin du Luxembourg in 1612 to now, these gardens have been a muse for centuries. Kerzon prides itself on using sustainably sourced materials and ingredients and is driven by conscious production without any animal testing.

Kerzon’s Jardin du Luxembourg candle sits in a leaf green glass jar adorned with white lettering along with a brand-specific stamp. The lettering and stamp are in keeping with the clean, curated feel of the brand and in keeping with the running theme, this jar will also be re-purposed.

scented candles

Candles are such a pleasure at any time of year, here are few tips to maximise the experience:

  • Trim the wick before each use.
  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Try to stick to candles that are made with natural ingredients and wicks.
  • Try not to burn them for more than two hours at a time.
  • Get a candle snuffer. It makes such a difference and relieves you from having to huff and puff to blow it out.
  • Where possible, re-purpose empty jars or recycle.


Why not consider sharing your favourite scent or scents below and I hope this helps.








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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Samantha, thank you ever so much! The candle is currently in my shopping cart on Target’s website 🙂 And thank you ever so much for reading, I appreciate it xx

  2. Samantha says:

    I just want to let you know, because I myself am addicted to the Kimpton Scent, that Target started selling a Casaluna candle called “Clarity” that is an incredible dupe to the Kimpton Scent. It’s a 30 oz Candle for $25 versus the Kimpton candle at 13 oz and $50.

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