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Shelter in Place: What To Watch or Listen To When You Need A Distraction

While we’re under orders to ‘shelter in place’ it’s inevitable to seek out distractions. I’m finding it difficult to commit to writing cosmetic reviews at the moment so, in the interim, I thought I’d share a few ideas on things to watch or listen to during this surreal time:

If you love cooking shows or pasta or both in equal amounts, there’s a Youtube series called pastagrannies that will take you into the kitchens of women who make pasta from scratch. It’s riveting viewing, especially because much of the series is shot in actual kitchens that look homey and lived-in. The series also works beautifully if you leave it humming in the background as the narrator has the perfect unobtrusive voice.

Cheese and pasta are natural bedfellows, so another outlet if you love cheese and have always wondered about how different cheeses are made is cheesemantv with Australian host Gavin Webber. He walks you through the makings of familiar cheeses along with other lesser-known ones. You go away realising that a piece of cheese has a lot of work behind it.

Let’s say pasta and cheese aren’t your cup of tea and maybe you prefer fragrances, then may I direct you to Dariush Alavi, better known as Persolaise on YouTube. He blogs about fragrance and also has a YouTube channel where he dissects new fragrance releases and often references old fragrance releases as well. His descriptions are candid, often witty and quite alluring. I usually listen to him while working on the computer but chances are he’ll say something and you’ll find yourself actually watching the video. Plus you can always see his fragrance reviews on his blog

Even though the stock markets are tanking at this time in history, I’d still be willing to buy Netflix stock as I bet that’s one of the places people will be turning to while we’re all sheltering in place. Here’s a handful of suggestions that I hope may offer you a much-needed distraction:

Broadchurch: This series finds a small coastal English town reeling from the unthinkable when a child goes missing. The ultimate outcome creates division in the child’s family and the town and the machinations of figuring out what happened will sweep you in and leave you reeling.

guerlain les-voilettes powder
Guerlain Les Voilettes Translucent Loose Powder was used in the makeup on ‘The Crown’

The Crown: A delectable re-telling of seminal events in the British Monarchy. If you’re into vintage makeup styles and heritage makeup brands, lush costuming and breathtaking set design mixed with history that’s been a bit re-tooled, this is a must-watch.

Father Brown: Light, funny and predictable even though it’s a classic British murder mystery that sees the village priest doing quite a bit of police work in helping to solves murders. Set in picturesque villages, if nothing else the scenery keeps you glued.

Bloodline: Set in the Florida Keys, the fictitious Monroe County finds one of its families embroiled in the unthinkable. The series starts out simply enough, a respected family that’s owned an inn for close to fifty years. But something about the seeming wholesomeness set me on edge from the outset. I suppose that’s the signal of good screenwriting. This is good for lazy Sundays or based on the current reality, whenever you need to mentally clock out.

Happy Valley: Very little is happy in Happy Valley but this British police drama will have you gripped from the outset. In this instance, the key character is a no-nonsense policewoman who’s tasked with keeping her family together in the midst of extreme challenges involving her young grandson.

The Fall: I think I kept watching this series just too see Gillian Anderson’s wardrobe, hair and makeup. In it, she’s plays woman detective Stella Gibson who’s been placed into an extreme case with a suspect that’s properly scary. I dug up some details about her makeup in the series and it includes a cream blush from the makeup brand Bobbi Brown in the shade Calypso Coral. 

bobbi brown pot rougr calypso coral
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips and Eyes in Calypso Coral;
worn by Gillian Anderson as the character Stella Gibson in the series ‘The Fall’


Wherever you are, I wish you peace and health as you shelter in place and I hope this helps.


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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks so much my dear. I hope you’re hanging in there as well and hopefully the suggestions help xo

  2. Definitely helpful! I need to check out those British series you mentioned. We’re not watching much except reruns on Food Network so I’d be interested in trying something else food-wise too. Hope you’re hanging in there.

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