Telluride Glow Snow Rose Recovery Mask Review

telluride glow snow rose recovery mask

telluride glow snow rose recovery mask

Lately, I’ve been completely about that #masklife as it’s become one of the core aspects of my skincare routine. From gel formulas to cream formulas to this powder to mousse formula, specifically Telluride Glow Snow Rose Recovery Mask which is the focus of this post.

Telluride Glow Snow Rose Recovery Mask is an exceptionally formulated mask that draws upon the strength of ‘unrefined whole plant actives’. In the photograph below you’ll see the entire list but some familiar ones are kaolin, bentonite, rose flower powder and vanilla fruit extract.

telluride glow snow rose recovery mask

On the other hand, some of the more unique ingredients include snow mushroom extract, marshmallow root extract, horsetail powder and aspen bark extract. 

Together, these ingredients, featuring clay sourced from New Zealand, rejuvenates the complexion resurfaces and exfoliates the skin.

To use this mask, it’s recommended one tablespoon of the powder is combined with an equal part of warm water. The first time I tried the mask I added too much water and it made the mask runny and difficult to apply but I soldiered on and it worked out.

Since then, I’ve mastered the ratios and I suggest starting with the one tablespoon, then adding water to the powder until the mask transforms to a spreadable consistency as opposed to possibly adding too much water at the outset.

telluride glow snow rose recovery mask

In general, I’ve since started using applicator brushes to apply my masks and it has made such a tremendous difference in how much it elevates the entire masking experience, no matter the brand. And in this instance, it’s no different. I was also sent the face mask applicator brush which I use to mix the powder with water.

Once I have the desired consistency, I spread it all over my face avoiding the eye contour and also apply it down my neck. It’s suggested the mask should be left on for ten minutes then rinsed away while one is in the shower.

I’ve been clocking fifteen, sometimes twenty minutes with it on but I suggest sticking to the ten-minute allotment to start out. Afterwards, I prefer removing the mask with a warm cloth then applying a light toner or essence.

It’s been some years since I’ve used a powder mask that requires water to activate it and using this made me realise that needs to change. With a powder mask, you definitely have more control over how much you use, plus I’m sure it would be alright if one mixed a slightly smaller amount than recommended.

telluride glow snow rose recovery mask

Telluride Glow Snow Rose Recovery Mask is also environmentally conscious in a number of ways:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Cold formulated
  • Naturally Whole and Non-GMO components
  • Free from harmful preservatives
  • No artificial colours and fragrance
  • Synthetic-Free, no fillers or harsh chemicals
  • Glass jar it’s packaged in is recyclable and so is the box it comes in.


And how has my skin fared since using this mask?

Firstly, after it’s applied it dries and gives a tensing (tightening) feeling. The mask also has a subtle rose and vanilla scent which is calming. Although the formula consists of a vast array of ingredients, I’ve not experienced any itchiness or irritation.

Once the mask is removed, I’m greeted by smooth, brightened skin which I’ve really appreciated. Plus, I’m able to apply a full face of makeup not long after removing and naturally, everything applies much easier and lasts longer.

I’ve also used the mask while I’ve had a new raised spot and it always helps to bring the spot down and reduce the time it sticks around. My dry skin also doesn’t feel stripped after removal and actually feels far more balanced and it unifies my complexion.

telluride glow snow rose recovery mask

So is this mask a great candidate to use if you gearing up for a big day or event? Yes, without question. The scent alone will help to calm you and the end result will be worth the ten minutes it takes to act.

Telluride Glow is woman-founded and emerged after the founder came out of retirement, furthered her education and worked with a micro formulation chemist to carefully develop the brand.

At the moment, the portfolio also includes serums and an essence along with minis and while many of the ingredients are globally sourced with a focus on mountainous regions, production happens in the US. This mask has been a pleasure to use so don’t be too surprised if it turns up again in a future post and I hope this helps.


* Thanks to Telluride Glow for supplying the products featured.




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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    You are correct my dear, at times all this stuff can feel like a chore but it is fun and using a brush to apply the mask is entirely more civilised 🙂 🙂

  2. It is indeed helpful! I’m too lazy to mask, but I like the idea of mixing powder with water and using a brush – definitely makes it seems more luxurious and less like a chore, which is typically how I view skincare. Thanks for the review!

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