Anya Hindmarch Wink Makeup Pouch Review

anya hindmarch makeup pouch
anya hindmarch makeup pouch
anya hindmarch makeup pouch

Anya Hindmarch is a British accessories designer who started her business in 1987. Since then, the brand has carved out quite a niche for itself. I’ve been eyeing up their handbags for several years now and eventually became aware of her eponymous in-flight pouch that’s become so widely coveted and copied.

After searching high and low for a cosmetics case, from any brand, that I felt would be a good investment, I succumbed to this one.

anya hindmarch makeup pouch

The Anya Hindmarch Wink Makeup Pouch was admittedly the place I landed after lusting after the brand’s In-Flight Case forever.


Made from nylon, I expect this to be durable and fairly easy to keep clean.


anya hindmarch makeup pouch

The Wink Makeup Pouch has three compartments.

There’s a dedicated space for makeup brushes, an open space for products and a zippered space on the inside of the brush compartment.

The pouch is high on aesthetic appeal and features quality zippers adorned with leather tassels, making it easy to open and close without snagging.

anya hindmarch makeup pouch

The interior fabric features the signature Anya Hindmarch bow logo in a repeat pattern and would be easy to wipe clean.

anya hindmarch makeup pouch

The zippered portion is next to the brush compartment. I’m able to store eye and lip liners in the zippered area as an example.

The brush compartment features elasticized loops at the top making it easy to fit brushes in and keep them from moving around.

anya hindmarch makeup pouch

The brush compartment holds six brushes easily plus I was able to tuck in two sharpeners. Depending on your mode of travel, the brushes won’t slide around as the slots keep them very secure.

anya hindmarch makeup pouch

This is the other side of the pouch. It’s not compartmentalized so you’re able to neatly pack in or toss in your items.

Despite the fact this isn’t transparent like the In-Flight case (pictured below), I still feel very satisfied about the practicality of this nylon pouch.

anya hindmarch makeup pouch

*Dimensions: H 12cm, W 19cm, D 10cm

Materials: Grey reflective nylon, metallic capra trims, gold-tone hardware, embossed fabric lining.

External details: Embossed wink graphic, signature Anya Hindmarch bow.

Internal details: Embossed fabric lining, patent leather patch logo, Anya Hindmarch gold bow.

Fastenings: Two gold-tone zips with patent leather tassel zip-pulls.


anya hindmarch makeup pouch

One of the design features setting this makeup pouch apart from others are these tassels that I can’t get over!

anya hindmarch makeup pouch

Yes, I know, there are zillions of makeup pouches out there and plenty of dupes of this as well. But there’s only one Anya Hindmarch and her designs are coveted and copied for a reason.



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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    OOo, I’d love to see what your train case looks like. I bet it still has many miles yet on it. Cheers!

  2. That is both adorable and very practical. Well worth the investment! I have an old Benefit train case that I should probably retire to the Museum’s collection and get one of these instead!

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