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Biologique Recherche Serum de Teint Review: Skin Like For Real

biologique recherche serum de teint

biologique recherche serum de teint

What do you want more than anything? If you’re reading this, chances are it’s a shot at having great skin. Biologique Recherche Serum de Teint just may be the product to help you pull off the look with this silicone-free, tinted serum. I think we’re solidly in the age of wanting products that make our skin look like skin but better so stick around to figure out if this deserves a spot in your stash.

Standout Ingredients include Prickly Pear Oil, Butterfly Tree Flowers Extract, Anti-Pollution Polysaccharide.

Who Is It For? The box says this is for all skin types.

Texture: Light, non-oily fluid that absorbs easily.

Fragrance: None that I can detect and none listed on the box.

Product Size: 30ml/1 oz

Packaging: Glass bottle with a pump top.

Any irritation: None to report

What It Protects Against: Blue light, UV, polluting particles and infrared light.

Contains SPF: No

Country of Origin: France

How To Use: A brush is available to accompany Serum de Teint but it’s sold separately. Otherwise, you may use fingers or a brush or sponge to apply. I’m not a sponge user so I’ve applied the Serum de Teint with a brush and with fingers and I absolutely prefer to use a brush.

biologique recherche serum de teint

Biologique Recherche Serum de Teint Review (Shade No.4)

Comparable in size to a regular foundation, I appreciate the ease of using this because of the pump top. Serum de Teint goes on smoothly when I use a flat top foundation brush. It applies easily with fingers as well but to me, a brush offers a more a bit more precision.

It’s buildable, sets down fairly quickly and seeing the uniformity it gives to the skin when applied on one side of the face in comparison to the bare side, is quickly apparent.

This is a comfortable formula that doesn’t feel claggy or heavy that can be worn alone or with powder. On my dry skin, I’ve tested it layered over matte primer and a hydrating primer and I prefer the way it looks over a hydrating primer. With a matte primer, I feel that the hydrating aspects of the tint are somewhat reduced and it lessens the skin-like finish.

The beauty of Serum de Teint is that if your skin is dry to normal, it becomes quite possible to forego powder entirely. When it comes to other makeup on top such as blush or highlighter, it also works beautifully.

I’ve worn this tint over Chanel UV Essentiel Complete Protection Anti-Oxidant Pollution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Spf 50 and it’s also proven to be a great match.

Biologique Recherche Serum de Teint continually looks better as the day goes on. It never settles into the ‘elevens’ at the sides of my mouth nor does it emphasise any dry areas on my face when I wear it with no other skincare or makeup. It brightens the under-eye as well but I wouldn’t say it provides the coverage of a conventional concealer.

If your skin has new acne or acne scars or textural issues, this is unlikely to give the coverage satisfaction you’d get from a more opaque or heavier base product.

Serum de Teint can be worn over your entire face without a mask-like result because it unifies the overall look of your skin as opposed to just sitting on top of your skin.

At this time, there are just five shades from which to choose. While that’s problematic from an inclusivity standpoint, keep in mind this isn’t a foundation.

Here’s how the shade range has been addressed: ”Each product has a precise combination of pigments to create the ideal tint for each skin tone”. 

Closest existing product comparison: Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint comes to mind. Chanel’s tint is much thinner in texture, so I use a bit more product per use than I do with Serum de Teint.

Pros: Look for a nice, believable glow that feels comfortable throughout the wear time and truly captures that ‘healthy glow’ goal we all appear to be after.

It also doesn’t oxidize or change colour during wear time.

This is a beautiful skincare meets makeup product that anyone can use and appreciate, especially if  foundation scares you.

Cons: Shade range and the price.

biologique recherche serum de teint​Biologique Recherche Serum de Teint is available from a handful of online retailers. I bought mine from Rescue Spa. You’ll have to do a very quick account creation to shop with them but it’s totally worth it because they always send the best skincare samples with your purchase.

And one last thing, if you’d like to see what I’ve used up lately, check out my 1st Quarter Empties And The Products I Wouldn’t Repurchase and I hope this helps.

biologique recherche serum de teint






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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Correct you are, it definitely makes skin look so very good! I’m glad you’re enjoying it as well, I wish if there was a way for them to offer a mini or travel size in future!

  2. Tee says:

    I absolutely love this tinted serum. The price is way up there, but so worth it. I’m 35, with dry skin, oily nose, some redness. This doesnt cover my redness entirely but it’s fine, because it makes my skin look so good that I want to stare at it the whole day. Velvety and blurred and healthy. They say that this product is a protector and perfector and I totally agree. You get great skincare and dream skin from it

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    Be forewarned, Biologique Recherche is like a rabbit hole 🙂 You’re so welcome!

  4. Thanks for the review! Not familiar with this brand so it was helpful. I don’t think it would have enough coverage for me but it sounds perfect for my mom. 🙂

  5. backstorybeauty says:

    You’re so welcome, always happy to share. BR is such an innovative brand and Serum de Teint maintains that level of innovation. If you ever have a chance to try it, let me know as I’d love to know what you think 🙂

  6. Geniussr says:

    I have never tried anything from Biologique Recherche but everyone loves it… I must say serum de teint sounds an interesting product… I am so intrigued… thanks for introducing another wonderful product and detailed review dear Mod…❤️

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