Chanel Beige Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de Parfum Review

chanel beige eau de parfum

chanel beige eau de parfum

Notes: Hawthorn, freesia, frangipani and honey.

Concentration Offered: Eau de Parfum

Size: 2.5 ozs and 6.8 ozs

Packaging: Glass bottle

Country of Origin: France


chanel beige eau de parfum

It began with Chanel’s first perfumer, Ernest Beaux, the debut of Les Exclusifs de Chanel fragrances in 1922. Beaux was also responsible for Beige’s predecessor, Le 1940 Beige de Chanel which came out in 1931.

Then, in 2007, Jacques Polge added ten additional scents to the Les Exclusifs collection and in 2008, blessed the Maison Chanel and us, with Beige Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de Parfum, the fragrance I’m chatting through with you.

Simply from a name standpoint, Beige evokes clean lines, a pared-back, austere, fuss-free approach. And as a fragrance, Beige Eau de Parfum draws on such evocations, starting with the bottle it’s in.

chanel beige eau de parfum

It’s a weighty, clear glass rectangular bottle with clean lines and a simple black cap that’s magnetized and is a literal snap to close. Adorned by a simple white label on the front of the bottle, the need for further decoration or overworked design is banished.

Beige opens with heady notes invoking visions of leaves and flowers underscored by aldehydes which lend that sparkly characteristic evident in so many of Chanel’s perfumes.

I always judge a scent by whether the notes fracture and become scattered as it evolves on the skin or on fabric, or whether the notes remain uniform. The notes of Beige remain uniform and emit a lush, warm, honeyed creaminess underscored by a bouquet of white flowers. It’s why this scent is so alluring.

chanel beige eau de parfum

On me, the sillage or staying power is exceptional, so much so that sudden moves remind me that I’m wearing it. It lingers on clothing and also lasts well into the next day, by which time the creaminess and floral notes have completely melded together in a lovely marriage of crisp yet soothing notes.

Fresh, lush, very clean and anchored by an accord of freshly fallen leaves is how I’d describe Beige if I were only allowed a single sentence.

Wearing this creates a veil of scent that is strangely calming. Think of it similarly to wearing a silky dressing gown that glides over your skin. It’s a self-possessed fragrance, in that it doesn’t have to try very hard. There’s also something a bit aloof about it, slightly cold in the dry-down yet the floral notes never come through as overly sweet or cloying.

My first experience with Beige Eau de Parfum were samples I got with purchases. So, the bewitching process was easy because I had a chance to live with it and get to know it really well before deciding to get it.

Chanel said “I take refuge in beige because it’s natural”. She was spot on because Beige is the scent I’ve been wearing the most since we’ve been living through this very strange time. It’s been reassuring to smell and wear because I know what to expect from it and because it unfolds in a way that’s not brash.

This is a modern scent and yet it’s unlikely you’d smell it on every fourth person. This beautifully constructed fragrance has excellent lasting power and the 2.5 oz size will last you a long time, but try a sample first to see if it suits your taste. Do let me know if you ever have a chance to try it and I hope this helps.

chanel beige eau de parfum




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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks so much! Gourmand scents are still unchartered territory for me and yes, Beige is indeed a lovely fragrance xoxo

  2. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks ever so much Ms. V, you do the same:)

  3. Definitely helpful, you’re really good at describing scent in addition to makeup! I prefer fruity/tropical/foody scents, but this sounds like it’s subtle and lovely. I love all your little mini atomizers too, so cute!

  4. Great review Marie. I need to try, sounds lovely. I don’t think I will dislike any of the Chanel fragrances . Stay safe my friend. 🙂

    Ms.V |

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