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A Few Words During A Tough Time

Yes, this is a beauty blog and one of the driving intentions behind choosing to start it was to create a safe space online. It is still that, as writing about cosmetics and taking photographs to accompany the posts is a tremendous pleasure.

And yet, I’ve realised I couldn’t continue to churn out blog posts and not, as a woman of colour, acknowledge the volcano that has since erupted in the world.

This morning I was thinking that in many ways, history, or at least the history we are taught at school, is taught on the premise of selective and sterilised memory. And that in order for a person to truly know history, or to be familiar with a less sterilised version of it, one would have to exercise volition to actively seek out the missing pieces.

And then there’s the pandemic, still marching across the globe. So the anxiety and stress have been at peak levels. Right now, it feels like the confluence of forces have conspired to get our attention once and for all because the default position will not work in what I truly believe will be a different world.

As we prepare for this new way, in this new world, it’s imperative that we stop, listen inwardly and examine ourselves first. That way, as we begin to press forward in this new reality, we hopefully do so with our wits intact and committed to ongoing learning, increasing our awareness and figuring out how to light the way and the spaces we occupy.

So while I don’t have fighting words or sage words to offer, I offer the poem at the top of this blog post. It’s written by Lucille Clifton, Poet Laureate and Distinguished Professor of Humanities.

Lucille Clifton was a black woman whose legacy includes a canon of books and poems. Coming across Blessing the Boats was a much-needed pause that helped me to inhale and centre my thoughts and feelings in the midst of everything afoot. I hope the effect on you is similar.

And lastly, another thing I’d like to share is a list of beauty brands I’ll be putting on my radar for the future, sourced via Twitter and @RachelandVicto1.

It’s a mix of familiar brands and ones waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

So that’s where I leave it today and I hope this helps.

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    I’m almost afraid to admit it but yes, the items do offer a respite and an escape. You’re correct the black-owned brands could certainly use the support and the increased visibility. Thank you so very much my dear, your support is so appreciated xo

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope your lovely beauty items are providing some comfort during this time. And I look forward to seeing your reviews of more black-owned brands, they could all use our support!

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