Barely There But Lowkey 3D: Sisley Les Phyto Ombres Eyeshadows

sisley eyeshadow
sisley les phyto ombres eyeshadow

Sisley Les Phyto Ombre Eyeshadows are long-wearing and deliver the pleasing power of their unique half-cream, half-powder formula that’s definitely made me fall down a happy rabbit hole into the brand. Plus, I’m playing catch up because these eyeshadows were added to the brand’s lineup in the Autumn of 2019.

sisley les phyto ombres eyeshadow silky chestnut

Texture/Application: Easy to pick up but you’ll need to go back a few times to intensify the payoff. It’s a toss-up between using fingers or a brush to apply but ultimately, I really prefer to use an eyeshadow brush.

Scent: While it isn’t explicitly listed as being fragrance-free, any scent is undetectable to me.

Suitable For Sensitive Eyes and Contact Lens Wearers: Yes

Product Size: 0.05 ounces/1.5g

Packaging: Mirrored plastic compact with a tiny applicator.

Formula Standouts: Camellia and Rosehip Seed Oils.

PAO (Period After Opening) Time: 12 months

Made In: Italy

The collection is made up of 20 shades in 5 finishes; silky, matte, metallic, glow and sparkling. I have Silky Chestnut 20 and Mat Grape 22; thankfully there are no oversprays to contend with so you can dig right in.

sisley les phyto ombres silky chestnut
Sisley Les Phyto Ombres Silky Chestnut

Silky Chestnut is a gorgeous light mushroom brown that immediately opens your eyes. While the shade is very approachable and is a bang-on everyday staple, it’s the type of shade that also works as a base layer for other shades and in the water line to round out an eye look.

I have zero complaints about fading or shifting especially when worn over an eyeshadow primer. There’s also no fall-out to mention when applying but as I said at the top, you’ll need to do a few layers with this particular shade especially if your skin tone is deeper.

Don’t expect a high-impact pigment payoff either as these eyeshadows were created to draw light to the eyes and veil them in colour.

sisley les phyto ombres mat grape eyeshadow
Sisley Les Phyto Ombres Mat Grape

Mat Grape is a muted purple with brown undertones and the shade is unlike any other eyeshadow in my collection at the moment. I chose it because I wanted something in the purple colour family that I could also use as a liner and to softly sculpt out my eye socket.

Thankfully, this isn’t an opaque shade as there’s some translucency to it. It’s the kind of purple you may consider as a fresh alternative to standard brown eyeshadow. And even though it’s among the matte shades in the collection, it possesses a pleasing luminosity that keeps it from being flat or even chalky. That characteristic makes it very easy to use, especially if you like applying eyeshadow with your fingers.

sisley les phyto ombres eyeshadow

Silky Chestnut and Mat Grape bloom nicely in that, a few minutes after application, you’ll really see the beauty of the formula.

These eyeshadows are finger application friendly and are meant to make a subtle, light-driven statement that toes the line for safe, goof-proof makeup. However, the 3D effect is specific to Sisley, so in that sense, these low-key beauties are actually quite high-tech and so beautifully formulated.  

Of the two, I adore Silky Chestnut for how easy it is but Mat Grape is the gorgeous wild card I’m glad I betted on and I hope this helps. 


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sisley les phyto ombres eyeshadow
sisley les phyto ombres eyeshadows

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thank you so much. I’ll have to take a look at the Chantecaille ones to see the colour story and finishes. You’re always so welcome !

  2. Both are simply gorgeous, especially Silky Chestnut. Color-wise they remind me a little of the shades Chantecaille released last fall, but with a much more subtle finish. Thanks for the reviews!

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