Chanel Calligraphie de Chanel Longwear Intense Cream Eyeliner Review

calligraphie de chanel
calligraphie de chanel

Chanel Calligraphie de Chanel Longwear Intense Cream Eyeliner is a black gel liner that was introduced with the brand’s Fall 2016 Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel.

I added it to my collection recently as I wanted a gel formula black liner although my old standby, Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen, still works a treat.

Here’s what Chanel Calligraphie de Chanel Longwear Intense Cream Eyeliner is about:

No. of Shades: 1

Shade name: 65 Hyperblack

Texture: Creamy gel

Waterproof: According to Chanel’s website, yes.

Finish: Matte-ish vinyl

Fragrance: Lacks strong scent.

Product size: 4g; net wt 0.14oz

Packaging: Glass jar, comes with an applicator brush.

Made in: Italy

Period After Opening (PAO): 18 months

Calligraphie de Chanel comes in a small box and is accompanied by a practical, specially designed angled brush.

About The Brush:

The brush comes in two parts as seen in the photograph below.

calligrpahie de chanel

Bristles are on one part, while the other half fits neatly under to form the handle. When not in use, the two pieces fit neatly together and the bristles are covered.

calligraphie de chanel

The brush allows for superb application and precision and allows for clean lines to be made and angled as you see fit.

I’ve also washed the brush several times and it has retained its shape.

True to its name, this is definitely a very black black that doesn’t fade to strange greys or blues when worn.

Helped by the well-designed brush, the application is seamless and doesn’t require any tugging or gymnastics to get deep into the roots of my upper lash line. I’m able to create an almost undetectable line that I can turn upwards at the outer corners easily.

calligraphie de chanel

Wear time is extremely impressive as the pigment never cracks or fades. I’ve also found it helpful to lengthen wear time by layering the liner over a tiny bit of powder if you’re not wearing eyeshadow.

Cons: If the liner is applied in that tiny space directly on the outer corner of the eye, it shifts a bit but it’s easy to wipe away. And I’ve noticed if I have an oilier than normal skin day (hello summer heat), I may experience some transfer onto the lower lash line.

calligraphie de chanel

This eyeliner presents so many possibilities for intense eye looks or very natural, non-dramatic eyelooks. It can certainly be worn on a daily basis and made to look quite undetectable depending on your skill level.

I’d even go so far as to call it a staple, especially if you feel your eyes kind of get lost without some enhancement. It’s become such a staple for me that it now loves out in the open as opposed to in a drawer

And in terms of managing expectations, I expect Calligraphie de Chanel to last for a very long time. And if the texture changes, dries out or alters in any negative way, I’ll not hesitate to update this post accordingly and I hope this helps.

calligraphie de chanel
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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    It truly is a solid product. I seriously considered the Bobbi Brown because of the overwhelmingly great reviews over the years! Twitter is so odd, I hardly see your tweets as well, they need to fix it once and for all xoxo

  2. Sounds like a solid product! I wonder how it compares to my favorite gel liners, Bobbi Brown…those are amazing! p.s. I don’t know why Twitter doesn’t show me your tweets!

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