For The Light Chasers: Chanel Highlighter And Base Review

chanel highlighter review
chanel highlighters

Three is a beautiful number and it’s the number of Chanel highlighter and base products I’ll be reviewing in this post. The products are gorgeous when applied with a brush but in a pinch, your fingers can do the job…if you apply in thin layers and make sure everything is blended in. Two are new additions for Spring/Summer 2020:

And the third item has been available for a number of years already:

First up, Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops.

chanel rosy light drops

Who is it for: It’s suitable for all skin types and skin tones but deeper skin tones like mine need to choose where and how much to apply.

Texture: Light liquid.

Finish: Radiant.

Fragrance: Included in the ingredients list but almost undetectable.

Absorption: Quick as long as you apply in layers.

Contains SPF: No

Product size: 1 ounce/30ml.

Packaging: Glass bottle with pump top. 

Made In: France

PAO (Period After Opening): 12 months

chanel rosy light drops

Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops is an illuminating fluid that contains radiance-boosting pigments. It’s part of Chanel’s Le Blanc skincare line which is aimed at brightening the skin. Rosy Light Drops can be used in multiple ways:

  • Before applying foundation
  • Mixed in with foundation
  • Atop foundation
  • Tapped on as a highlighter.

I’ve also layered it over skincare and sunscreen minus foundation and the effect is quite flattering.

The finish is radiant, refined and hits the right pitch in illuminating the skin. If you have a deeper skin tone, just work in thin layers and ensure to prep your skin before applying and double-check in natural light to ensure that everything is properly blended in.

Personally, I prefer to apply with a brush but clean fingers are fine too and the pump top also adds to the ease of use. It layers really nicely over Chanel’s Le Blanc Essence Lotion Healthy Light Creator and their sunscreen. I was hesitant about the Rosy Light Drops but I’m so glad I got it especially for no-makeup days, I tap it on over my skincare and sunscreen for a bit of radiance.

Chanel Le Blanc Essence Lotion Healthy Light Creator Review

chanel highlighting fluid sunkissed

Chanel Le Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid in Sunkissed

Who is it for: All skin types and skin tones.

Texture: Light Fluid

Finish: Radiant

Fragrance: Not listed in ingredients list but slightly detectable when held close to nose.

Absorption: Quick and easy.

Contains SPF: No

Product Size: 1 ounce /30ml

Packaging: Glass bottle with pump top.

Made in: France

PAO (Period After Opening): 12 months

Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid comes in two shades, Pearly Glow and Sunkissed with the latter being the more golden of the two options.

This is also a brilliant highlighting fluid that is really well executed and can be customised into your routine. The finish is radiant and non-sticky yet mimics the skin in a really flattering way. Applied on the orbital bone, at the top of the cheeks and even on the brow bone, the effect is definitely sunkissed and adds dimension to the skin.

I’ve even layered it over eye shadow primer right above my lash line to wake up my eyes. If you place it there, try to make sure it stays in that specific area because it creased on me when I tried it all over my eyelid.

I should also mention that this highlighting fluid is a bit of a reincarnation of the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid, reviewed here.

chanel illuminating base

Chanel Le Blanc Multi-Use Illuminating Base

Texture: Cream

Finish: Radiant

Fragrance: Yes

Contains SPF: No

Product Size: 1ounce /30ml

Packaging: Glass bottle with pump top

Made In: France

PAO (Period After Opening): 12 months

This has been in Chanel’s portfolio since as far back as 2011 or thereabouts. Fundamentally, this is an oil-free primer but it may stand in as a moisturiser as well. It’s been a fave among makeup artists and regular folks and I think I bought it once a few years ago and returned it.

So what converted me? Getting a sample and trying it again. And realising that applying in thin layers is a great way to attain the light and effectively use these products.

Yes, Chanel’s Illuminating base can be tricky on deeper skin tones. I’ve learned to avoid my laugh lines and to literally apply the tiniest dot on the outer corner of my eyes.

Otherwise, I’ve found it best applied on the roundest part of my cheeks along with the high points of the cheekbones and very thinly in the space between my eyebrows and the top quarter of my nose.

Here’s where it didn’t work for me: all over my eyelids and beneath my eyes where I would apply concealer as it settled into my creases.

I’ve also slept with it on and woke up to skin that looked bright and even so there’s that.

Over skincare and sunscreen, the illuminating base is brilliant (don’t forget, apply in thin layers). You could stop there and go without foundation or powder because it adds true radiance as there are powders in the formula. I can’t quite explain it but it also sculpts the skin subtly and gives the skin that slightly filtered look. For me, it’s proven to be a bit of magic in a bottle now that I’ve figured out how to use it.

If you’re contending with skin texture and spots, especially new spots, using this may be a bit tricky but I would earnestly suggest getting a sample and testing it to see if it is practical for your skin and your routine.

You only need the tiniest bit for each use and the samples are quite generous.


Ingredient insight from website:

  • Witch hazel extract to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Silica and mica powders of mineral origin to mattify the complexion
  • Liquorice extract to even out the skin’s texture
  • A moisturizing complex to restore softness and absolute comfort.

The full ingredient list can be seen on Note that the list includes talc, alcohol, witch hazel and mica and it doesn’t make my dry skin feel drier or uncomfortable.

Chanel Rosy Light Drops, Highlighting Fluid in Sunkissed and Illuminating Base are superb skin-enhancing products. Maybe these are the types of products needed on the road to achieving that glass skin effect? I love makeup but I increasingly want to amp up how my skin looks under makeup and how it looks without powder and foundation and these three absolutely help me to pull that off.

I say these are products for ‘light chasers’; for people who want radiance, or highlighters that appear to be naturally occurring on the skin as opposed to having been applied from a bottle. They add that special something to the overall appearance of my skin and I’ve been able to successfully layer them over skincare products, using all three at the same time, and achieved a beautiful finish that I’m absolutely loving.

chanel highlighter swatches
chanel highlighter swatches
chanel highlighter swatches

If I’ve missed anything or if you have more questions about any of these products, drop me a line and I hope this helps.

chanel highlighter
chanel highlighters

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    You’re so welcome as always my dear, it’s definitely good for cocktailing with other products xo

  2. Ooooh, the Rosy Drops! Been eyeing those for months. My birthday isn’t for a little while but I think I’m definitely treating myself! I love really shiny bling-y highlighters, but sometimes I want something more subtle, so I like that these can be built up or mixed with other products. Thank you!

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