3 Neutral and Plum Shades for Fall Winter Nails

I have 3 neutral and plum nail shades that are perfect for this time of year including the prettiest, universally flattering pale pink shade. Doing nails at home delivers a level of satisfaction that’s hard to beat, especially now when things are increasingly dicey in the world.

Two of the shades are from Olive and June, the indie nail brand that has won my heart this year because of their product performance, 7-free formula and at $8 dollars a bottle it can’t be beat.

While the other shade comes from new to my stash brand, Christian Louboutin.

I’m not sure what happened but this year I got into neutral nail shades in a big way. Christian Louboutin does neutrals nail colours exceedingly well and you may click here to see another fave I found from them not long ago in the shade Just Nothing.

Christian Louboutin Tres Decollete is an angelic, frothy pale pink that is less opaque on the nail than it looks in the bottle. I used two coats to intensify the finished look and clocked more than seven days before tip wear started to show.

Tres Decolette instantly makes me think bride, bridesmaid, ballerina but not necessarily in that order. It also conjures up thoughts of Essie’s Ballet Slippers Remixed, a shade that can be this one’s fraternal twin.

The faceted bottle looks stunning sitting out on the vanity, but truthfully, I keep it in the box. And on days when my wrists are feeling extra dinky, the extra long handle and slim brush makes applying the colour that much easier to pull off.

Olive and June JJ is a new neutral shade for Fall 2020. Described on their website as a ‘cozy cinnamon brown’. JJ is definitely a gorgeous take on brown that also has lilac-ish undertones that make this a really unique shade.

When I first put it on, I thought it wasn’t really giving any contrast against my skin tone but once it dried and had been on my nails for a number of hours, that’s when I really saw the beauty of the shade.

In real life it’s the type of shade that’s neutral and understated yet still impactful. This is a shade that will ‘age well’ so you could wear it again a year from now and still get a thrill.

The Olive and June Studio Box Review: It’s The Glowup Your At-Home Manicure Needs

Olive and June Obsessed is also new for Winter 2020. It’s a deep, ruby, plum red shade that is basically expected for the colder months.

Obsessed made me instantly think of Rouge Noir from Chanel. It’s a shade that I adore so very much and reviewed in last year’s Fall/Winter Manicure post and also in a post for a Classic Festive Mani.

It definitely gives a really nice contrast against my skin, is on-trend and vampy and wear time is quite decent as well.

If there are any drawbacks to report on these shades it’s that as stunning and unique as Christian Louboutin’s nail colours are, it’s eye-wateringly expensive. But if you keep a keen eye out, you can find them discounted when the bigger department stores include them in their beauty price reductions.

Also, Sephora carries Christian Louboutin beauty but the offerings are so limited that I see just one shade listed.

And for the shades from Olive and June, JJ and Obsessed, the value is that much more maximised because the formula is so good. One minor thing is that Obsessed initially went on a little thicker than I anticipated and the subtlest hint of tip wear starts to show after less than a week. It’s a small thing but I’m continually pleased with the brand, especially with the neutral and plum shades so I hope this helps.

Olive and June JJ

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  1. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks as always! I think it’s possible you’ll fall for Olive and June, they continue to be really innovative not just with their nail polishes but also with the supporting product selections xo

  2. Excellent choices! I’m not usually one for pale pink but that Louboutin reminds me of a beautiful chiffon cake, I almost want to eat it! I’ll have to check out Olive and June too, hadn’t heard of them before. You always find the best products!

  3. backstorybeauty says:

    Thanks a mill Jenna and will do!

  4. Jenna says:

    Love these shades! So perfect for that transition from fall to winter 🙂
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

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