Chanel Beauty Fall Winter 2020 Plus Some Basics

Let’s call Chanel Beauty Fall Winter 2020 Plus Some Basics the working title for this post. I have three pieces from this year’s collection; Rouge Allure Or Beige 107, Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Psyche and Le Vernis Nail Polish in Egerie 769.

The extras are three eye pencils:

For Fall 2020, Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Make-up and Colour Director chose to sublimate the colour pink to make it more wearable. With two new eye shadow palettes that draw inspiration from her hit Candeur et Experience palette which came out in 2015, this year’s collection seemed to have been met with equal parts awe and, dare I say, confusion?

Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Psyche is a beautiful Bordeaux shade that’s nothing short of stunning. It dresses up the eyes quickly and as with all of Chanel’s pencils in this formula, it applies smoothly, is easy to smudge out and stays put.

Le Vernis Égérie769; a peachy pink that I fell in love with once it dried on my nails. Perfect for year-round wear or as an alternative to conventional pale or light pink nail shades.

chanel nail polish egerie
chanel nail polish egerie

The one downside is that on my nails, I start seeing tip wear a little sooner than with other Le Vernis shades.

chanel rouge allure lipstick or beige 107

Rouge Allure Or Beige 107; This is from the Holiday 2020 Collection as one of four lipstick shades featuring the gold-edged packaging. This neutral turned out to be a very pleasant surprise with a formula that elevates your typical neutral lip look.

chanel rouge allure lipstick or beige 107

Of course, with liner, it looks much better against my complexion and I find it really pops with the tiniest bit of clear gloss on top. There are little shimmers in the formula but don’t let that put you off as they’re not gritty or uncomfortable.

Chanel Eye Pencils and Eyeliners

chanel eye pencils

Each of these pencils are long-wearing with opaque colour pay off.

Rouge Noir is in the family of Chanel’s cult fave nail polish shade by the same name that was worn by Uma Therman in the film Pulp Fiction. Part eyeshadow, part kohl liner, this is an excellent alternative to a black liner. It smudges really easily and can be worn like an eye shade as well.

Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil: Ambre is a less talked about but very beautifully formulated pencil. This is also great as a black liner alternative. Smudge it above your lash line and add mascara and voila, you’re set for the day. It require very little effort to apply, so even if you have a wobbly line, it won’t matter.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner: Noir Enigmatique is a blackened midnight blue with hints of sparkle that I absolutely adore. It’s a longwearing formula and has a mini sharpener at the base to help keep things precise.

chanel eye pencils
chanel makeup swatches

Chanel Le Gel Sourcils Eyebrow Gel: 370 Brun

chanel le gel sourcils eyebrow gel brun

This eyebrow gel has transformed my eyebrow routine. Firstly, to wear this brow gel alone, it helps if you have naturally fuller brows.

chanel eyebrow gel brun

On the other hand, if like me your brow hairs are fine and straight, then this is the gel you need in combination with brow powder or pencil for a natural-looking fuller brow. I use this with the Chanel La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax and Brow Powder Duo. It works if you layer only the wax first then the gel over top or if you do just the powder and finish with the gel. Either combination results in a very smooth, grit-free finish that stays in place.

chanel le gel sourcils eyebrow gel brun

Palette Essentielle Beige Clair is another product that isn’t talked about very much. These palettes contain a dual-use cheek and lip colour, a concealer and highlight shade. There are about five variations and I’ve shared my other faves with the Summer 2018 palette in this post and also in a post about the Beige Medium version.

chanel palette essentielle beige clair

Beige Clair can work on deeper skin tones because the result is subtle, yet refined. The cheek shade creates a wash of colour that makes the skin look bouncy and luminous, while the highlight shade is gorgeous under the brow and on the top of the cheekbones. I even like to layer a tiny spot of highlight shade over some eye primer to quickly illuminate and wake up my eyes.

The concealer bit is a little tricky because it’s light but it can be used over your regular concealer for extra brightening or to highlight under the brow bone as well.

If you haven’t yet checked out the Pallete Essentielle from Chanel, definitely give them a look because they are superb and I hope this helps.

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chanel makeup swatches
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