Meet The 6 Items In This Chanel-Free Makeup Bag Refresh

There’s a battle in my makeup stash and it’s being fought against all the other brands in the Universe and my admittedly questionable affinity for Chanel. So I’d like for you to meet the 6 items in this Chanel-free makeup bag refresh, shaped by a dangerous cocktail of curiousity, Instagram ads, basic impulse and the running list in the back of my head of things I’ve been wanting to try.

mac saucy miss powder blush
Mac Saucy Miss Powder Blush
Mac Powder Blush Saucy Miss

I’ll just say it, basic impulse drove me to buy this hot-purple pink in the pan but far less dramatic on my skin blush. It brightens up the complexion and has decent staying power. Plus this is the mini-size and it’s under 20 dollars. But while it feels like the ultimate score in price and size, it’s not the most uniform blush I’ve used and the application is slightly patchy until it warms to the skin. Apart from that, whatever is left on the brush is great to quickly sweep over the eyelids to perk up the eyes in a snap.

laura mercier honey translucent powder
Laura Mercier Honey Powder

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Translucent Honey

This translucent powder comes in full size and mini-size which I actually prefer. A cult hit among loose powder fans, the honey shade is a new addition and joins existing shades in translucent and translucent medium deep.

Under the eyes to set concealer, this is nice for brightening and setting but short of getting undereye filler, eventually, the depth of my lines begin to shine through.

I also like it on the brow bone and the top of my cheeks to illuminate.

If you’re curious about this powder, try to nab it as a GWP (gift with purchase) at Sephora or other retailers.

bobbi brown art stick rich nude
Bobbi Brown Art Stick -Rich Nude

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Rich Nude

Since Bobbi Brown transferred ownership of her brand to Estée Lauder there’s been a clash of thoughts about the brand and the quality of the products. And yet, I added this Art Stick in Rich Nude to my bag out of curiosity and because I was looking for something in the neutral, barely-there colour category.

It helps that this nifty stick works on the lips, cheeks and eyes and can be applied with fingers.

While I’m not entirely enthused with it on my lips because I need to amp it up with lip liner to make it work, as a blush it is brilliant. With Excellent staying power and a creamy formulation that’s easy to blend in, I’d highly recommend this for low key looks with a pop of just enough colour.

And on they eyes, you’d like this as long as oiliness isn’t an issue.

armani beauty power fabric concealer 8
Armani Power Fabric Concealer-8

Armani Beauty Power Fabric Concealer 8

Armani Beauty Power Fabric Concealer had been on my list of things I wanted to try since it came out. But I have to say, I find Armani’s shade range a little confusing to decipher. So it wasn’t until I got a sample card of a few of the concealer shades that all doubt was eliminated.

Shade 8 has neutral undertones and blends right in without caking. The shade isn’t so light that it creates a raccoon effect but melds nicely with my skin and has a softening effect that makes the area look refreshed and smoother.

It leaves a natural-looking matte finish and texturally, it has a barely-there feel and seamlessly blends in whether I’m using a finger or a brush. The staying power is also pretty good as I find it doesn’t go grey or become crumbly during the wear time. You can even freshen it up after a few hours by adding more without it becoming cakey.

Power Fabric Concealer has a 6-month PAO (period after opening) and comes in 20 shades that range from fair to deep.

dear dahlia paradise dream velvet lip mousse seduction
Dear Dahlia Paradise Dream Velvet Lip Mousse-Seduction

Dear Dahlia Paradise Dream Velvet Lip Mousse Seduction

After seeing Dear Dahlia ads on Instagram featuring this shade in Seduction … well you know the rest.

Dear Dahlia is a Korean brand that uses Dahlia flower extracts in their products. The brand is also vegan, cruelty-free and uses Ecocert certified organic ingredients.

This velvet mousse has quite an unusual feel, similar to a balm because of how easily it applies yet it feels incredibly light.

dear dahlia paradise dream velvet lip mousse seduction

Seduction is a glorious shade that brightens up the complexion and while the staying power is not bad, don’t look for it to behave like a longwearing stain. I’ve found that it transfers onto glasses and cutlery but it’s a minor drawback from such an on-trend, fresh brand.

To shop the brand, Neiman Marcus carries a limited selection of their products.

lisa eldridge velvet blush lipstick
Lisa Eldridge Velvet Blush Lipstick

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Blush Lipstick

For the past couple of years, British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has released a collection of lipsticks that always sell out. Personally, in a world where some makeup brands have new releases every Monday, Eldridge had chosen the semi-annual route, thus far, and I love it.

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick: Velvet Jazz Review

Her lipstick formulas are second to none in terms of application, texture and aesthetic.

For her 2020 holiday release, she introduced sets, lip glosses and also lip pencils. As tempting as everything was though, I opted for a single lipstick because of the current global situation and because our homes have become the new restaurant/office/mall/coffee shop etc.

In the Spring, she’s slated to have another release so hopefully, things begin looking up by then.

lisa eldridge velvet blush lipstick

Velvet Blush is a muted pink lipstick with brown undertones that can work as an everyday neutral for a slew of skin tones.

Here’s the description from her website: A deep pink berry inspired by the flushed hues of Rococo artists Watteau, Fragonard and Boucher. A sensual boudoir shade with muted cool undertones.

It glides across the lips and delivers opaque colour in a single swipe. The finish is matte yet my lips always feel hydrated and the colour has excellent staying power.

Made in Italy and housed in a simple gold case with her signature emblem on top of the cap, her lipsticks are as practical as they are collector’s items. I hope that for her Spring launch, the lip liners are offered individually because the feedback about them is overwhelmingly glowing.

See any faves or anything you’ve been considering? As always, I hope this helps.

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