I created backstorybeauty.com as a curated space for lovers of luxury, bespoke, niche, green and vintage beauty. In each post, I do my best to bring fresh, candid takes on cosmetics and other finds that may be on trend or that were trending circa 1989. I still miss the 80’s and I still think about Dame Joan Collins as the character Alexis Carrington in the TV series Dynasty. Why? Because she was never sporting no makeup-makeup. While I love a fresh, minimally done face, I’ve also never met a red lipstick that didn’t make my heart stop or skip a beat. Also, for as long as I can remember, cosmetics and fragrances have always been at the forefront of my mind. My first proper fragrance was from Gloria Vanderbilt and to this day I can still conjure the scent at will. This fascination is also tied entirely to my mother and my aunt, my first beauty gurus. From them, I learned to appreciate the power of cosmetics, I watched them in action and my brain recorded everything. Therefore, this blog was inevitable. It’s a safe space for beauty spartans, intermediaries and new beauty recruits. I hope you’ll enjoy and come along with me as it evolves.


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