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Welcome to Lushful Glow – The Beauty and Tanning Blog

My name is Sharon and I’m the founder and editor of Lushful Glow.

Sharon Reed - LushfulGlow.com

How did I come up with that name and what does ‘lushful’ even mean? I don’t think it’s officially even a word in the English language. But I do know it’s a term often used to describe beautiful eyelashes. So that’s good enough for me!

And ‘glow’ is an obvious one. I’m passionate about all things beauty and glamor. The words just seemed to fit.

Together, I think ‘lushful glow’ has a nice ring to it.

So beauty is a wide topic. So too is tanning. I’m not an expert on everything but instead, I’m all about promoting safe and healthy techniques and products that I’m familiar with.

I’m here to help by sharing my tips and experiences about all things beauty and tan-related.

I have a Degree in Computer Science but I eventually found my true passion.

I spent many years working as a beautician and a tanning technician in various salons. I’ve had clients of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

This site is a fun project for me and because I don’t claim to be an authority on everything, you should always consult an expert before undergoing any beauty treatments. It’s good to be on the safe side!

A quick word about my policy for writing reviews about beauty and tanning products. I will only write about products that I use, have used, or have a good working knowledge about. I’ll stick to facts and keep things unbiased.

You came here for fair and honest advice – not to be hoodwinked.

If you see me recommending any products here that contain affiliate links, I’m linking to them because I’m happy to be associated with the products.

I will earn a small commission if you happen to make a purchase from the affiliate links on my website.

I’m obsessed with writing all about beauty, how to tan safely and how to maintain that glow!

I hope you enjoy my blog. If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me here.