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Yes, this is a beauty blog and one of the driving intentions behind choosing to start it was to create a safe space online. It is still that, as writing about cosmetics and taking photographs to accompany the posts is a tremendous pleasure. And yet, I’ve realised I couldn’t continue to churn out blog posts…


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welcome to the BEAUTY

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It’s been some time since I published a list of beauty podcasts worth listening to since [this list], so the timing is perfect for an updated Ultimate Beauty Podcast Playlist. There are more players in the podcast pool now, and in the two years since I wrote the list linked above, many, many podcasts have…

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Something shifted this week and I was feeling expansive, like anything is possible, like good things are about to happen. Maybe it’s because I’ve been more dedicated to getting in some exercise or maybe it’s because when Geek Squad had my laptop last week I ended up going to sleep much earlier, or maybe it’s because…

feeling expansive

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Keeping up with on-trend beauty and gleaning insight about the beauty industry has become so much easier with a podcast. But before you sigh, read on for my top three picks that are worthy of a listen, whether you’re on your daily commute, on an aeroplane or at your desk.  All are hosted by savvy,…

Beauty Podcast

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In every blogger’s existence is the daily hope that one is not writing into a vacant hole. You plot and plan posts, sit down, write, re-write, edit, edit and edit some more. It’s a fairly solitary undertaking and requires a tremendous dose of discipline. To my surprise, I received an email from Laura, a blogger…

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