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The skin products I’ve finally finished covers some skincare superstars and some skincare super-mehs. So follow me inside and let’s start with a lip mask. Apa Lip Loofah is, in a beauty world suddenly filled with lip scrubs and masks of every type, a ‘clinical’, cosmetic dentist developed product that was a dream for me…


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welcome to the BEAUTY

skin products i've finished

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Nothing feels better than sharing everything I’ve used up lately, although I’m a bit sad to have finished some of these items. Some things took longer than others to work through, with one item taking more than a year to finish. On the other hand, I finished some items just because I didn’t want to…

everything i've used up

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Are you breathing a sigh of relief as this year winds to a close? In our home, it’s been a year that we’ll be happy to see the back of as we build hope for the new year ahead. So in the spirit of closing things out, I’m sharing the last skincare bits that I’ve…

year end empties

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