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Frédéric Malle Musc Ravageur Body and Hair Oil  has cast quite the spell on me as I learn its behaviour, composition and its impact on my skin and senses. With the creation of Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle in 2000,  Malle branded himself as a ‘fragrance publisher’. This unique concept fragrance house sees Frédéric Malle…


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I’m reviewing Chanel N°5 to celebrate National Fragrance Week 2019 and National Fragrance Day on March 21st. Depending on how versed you are in Chanel ‘lore, you may know that certain names or themes consistently appear in the brand. Take her lipsticks as an example, with some named after important people in her life such…

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With everything about to look, feel and smell spring fresh, it’s a plum time for a fragrance celebration. Is it me or do you ever feel that your fragrances seem to be reborn when the air is fresh and one isn’t buried under layers of clothing? I’m really looking forward to everything feeling airier, and…

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This season, I’ve had three perfumes on repeat that I’m quite excited to share with you. While each perfume is very different, two are from women perfumers with their creations representing the cool, niche, bespoke factor while the third comes from one of the oldest perfume houses in the world. You may agree that perfume…

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A scent can be transformative, comforting, transporting, evocative, and in some instances, worrying or off-putting. How many times has a scent taken you back to a specific moment in your life that was pleasing or distressing? A few days ago, my husband and I visited a friend who is in the hospital and as of…

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When was the last time you truly stopped to think about your fragrance collection, even if it consists of one bottle? Do you ever give an extra thought to the ingredients, the places from which those ingredients are sourced or the materials they come from? What about your reasons for choosing your fragrance? Are those…

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I had been doing a back and forth as to whether or not now is an ideal time to write about candles. As I write this, we are a mere couple of weeks away from the official start of Spring or as I should probably say, the Vernal Equinox, out of respect for my exceptional…

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It was last year, while working my way through the products included in the Sisley-Paris monthly subscription, that I first encountered the scent that is Soir de Lune (Midnight Moon). That sample was for the body lotion, a lush, beautifully formulated and long-lasting iteration of this scent. I was so mesmerised by it, that once I used…

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By the time Chanel No. 19 was launched in 1971, Gabrielle Chanel had passed. Named for the date of her birthday, August 19th, Chanel No. 19 is the aloof sister to Chanel’s ubiquitous No. 5. Also, No. 19 was the last fragrance that Chanel participated in creating because she clamoured for a fragrance to punctuate her…

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Today, I wanted to share one of my latest finds in the form of home fragrance which to me, is indeed part of the beauty category. Surely, you want your baths or your ten-minute makeup routine to have a little something that helps to elevate it. In the same way, good bed linens are a priority,…

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