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cashmere care and buying tip
Cashmere Holiday 2019 Shopping

Cashmere Care and Buying Tips Featuring N. Peal and Brunello Cucinelli

What’s the first thing you associate with cashmere? Do you think about cost, cooler weather or luxury? Or do you see it as something to put on a wish list? In this post, I’ll offer some tips on what to look for if you’re treating yourself to it (or preparing to drop hints to someone). …

mini sephora gift haul
Holiday 2019 Makeup Skincare

That Time I Did A Mini Sephora Gift Haul But No Treats For Me

This is a close as I’ll come to a holiday gift-guide so I thought, why not chat through that time I did a mini Sephora gift haul. While none of the treats are for me, I think I got some cute things that just may help you in your search for beauty gifts this season. …