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I have seven of the best cream blushes I’ll be mixing this year to share with you. If your skin tends towards dryness or if it’s maturing or if you just want to try new textures, then cream blush may be where the sweet spot it. They are increasingly the type of blush I prefer…


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welcome to the BEAUTY

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  Can you tell I’m still, still, combing through my makeup stash with eagle eyes? There’s a growing pile of things in a corner that will inevitably be decluttered but in the meantime, I’m offering up my 5 highly favoured lipglosses in shades that anyone can wear. Of the 5 lip glosses, I’ve had the…

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The Olive and June Studio Box comes from a namesake nail salon that came about in 2013. Since then, the breakout product from Olive and June is The Poppy, a handle that fits over the small inner cap of your nail polish bottle. The job of The Poppy is to give you greater control over…

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  I’ve been taking a hard look at every single makeup item I own and the number of neutrals in my stash surprised me, especially after last week’s matte red lipstick ranking. So in very loose order, these are currently the most neutral makeup products in my stash and if you’ve been here before, some…

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In gearing up to write this post, I realised I should count all the lipsticks currently in my stash but the thought of that is somehow mildly stressful. So I opted to go with the easier task of ranking my 5 most matte red lipsticks and here are the contenders although the real results are…

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If I had to rank my makeup brushes in order of importance, here’s how I’d rank them: foundation concealer powder blush bronzer highlighter brows After upgrading some of my makeup brushes this year, I’m sharing my most used ones and how they’ve performed: Foundation: Koyudo Fu-Pa Series FU-PA03 With synthetic fibres that are densely packed…

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This post tackles two birds, the makeup hit list of 2019 and my first attempt at a newsletter. I’ve narrowed the makeup down to eight items, some of which were new releases for 2019 while the others were new to me. So here’s everything in newsletter form below and who knows, maybe a product you…

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