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If I had to rank my makeup brushes in order of importance, here’s how I’d rank them: foundation concealer powder blush bronzer highlighter brows After upgrading some of my makeup brushes this year, I’m sharing my most used ones and how they’ve performed: Foundation: Koyudo Fu-Pa Series FU-PA03 With synthetic fibres that are densely packed…


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most used makeup brushes

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This post tackles two birds, the makeup hit list of 2019 and my first attempt at a newsletter. I’ve narrowed the makeup down to eight items, some of which were new releases for 2019 while the others were new to me. So here’s everything in newsletter form below and who knows, maybe a product you…

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Am I glad I stopped the madness and finally got Chanel Palette Essentielle in Beige Medium? For more than a year, I kept hemming and hawing and putting this palette in my online shopping cart, removing it, then exhaustively reading reviews. Yet, I wasted no time in getting one of its many cousins, the Summer…

chanel palette essentielle beige medium

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Mostly mini things are a good thing in terms of beauty products and accessories and that’s exactly what I’m rounding up this time, except for one product which you’ll see below. So in honour of your largest organ, things should kick off with a focus on #skinfirst and it’s with a product you’ve likely seen…

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This is a close as I’ll come to a holiday gift-guide so I thought, why not chat through that time I did a mini Sephora gift haul. While none of the treats are for me, I think I got some cute things that just may help you in your search for beauty gifts this season.…

mini sephora gift haul

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Sunnies Face is a Filipino beauty brand that’s still unavailable in the US, but stay with me because I have a solution. Since 2018, Sunnies Face has been doing the rounds on Instagram and staking claims in the hearts of beauty editors and beauty lovers and as any good beauty brand story goes, it all started…

sunnies face fluffmatte

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Guerlain has finally drawn me back into the fold with this season’s Météorites, arguably one of their best versions ever! Météorites first appeared in 1987 and since then, they’ve inspired countless re-interpretations by other brands…but as much as I’m tempted to name them… I won’t. This year, the Guerlain Météorites Goldenland Pearls for Holiday 2019…

guerlain meteorites goldenland

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