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A product that does double duty to soothe eyes and lips is something we all could use no¬†matter the time of year or the climate in which we live. And so, the Soothing Eye and Lip Gel from Atzen Skincare is a response to the need for a product that soothes two key areas of…


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Atzen Soothing Eye and Lip Gel

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Ioma-Paris Youth Pearl Essence Serum is part of a niche French skincare brand I first encountered some years ago but never bought into. Fast forward to now and my search for a correcting serum that would brighten, fade spots and further refine the texture of my 40- plus dry skin. I wanted a product that…

Ioma-Paris Essence

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If you’re not yet in a trance from the idea, impact and reality of Pat McGrath MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire), then may I gently coax you into having a peek at what this renegade has bequeathed to the world, which now includes lipstick. Born in Northampton, UK, she draws a…

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Perhaps what our mothers said is true. The state of your nails conveys messages about you, whether or not you believe it or like it. Tattered talons can never stand up to buffed, neat ones. What Mum likely never gave thought to however, are the ingredients in nail products, whether colour lacquers or nail polish…

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