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Here’s another quick one sharing all the newest additions to my makeup bag that I’ve been using on a loop. After being on a no-buy for a bit, I wanted to add in items that made sense and filled in some of the ‘blanks’ in my stash. The additions cover everything from lipstick to nail…


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welcome to the BEAUTY

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It’s the hazy, lazy, middle of the summer so I’m popping in to share a brief tale of how I fixed a smashed powder. I have butterfingers and drop things all the time, so I suppose it was inevitable that I’d smash a powder as they seem to like competing with eye shadows for smash…

gucci luxe finishing powder

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Lisa Eldridge Love of My Life Lipstick is one of four Summer Pinks she released for Summer 2019. The shades are: Go Lightly Love of My Life Rainbow Spill Skyscraper Rose As I purchased two lipsticks (same shade), they were accompanied by the sweetest zippered pouch in cerulean blue featuring gold piping and embossed with…

lisa eldridge

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  Duo Bronze et Lumière is Chanel’s updated version of bronzer and it’s part of the brand’s Summer makeup catalogue. With two colour harmonies, Clair and Medium, it’s one of the most exciting items in this year’s Cruise Collection. I chose Medium because it would be more complimentary to my skin tone (Clair is lighter), so…

duo bronze et lumiere

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It’s the half-year mark plus it’s Summer, so I’m rounding up the 9 Chanel products I have on repeat at the moment. This year’s Chanel’s launches have been stellar and to me, even better than some of the launches over the two previous years. My group of nine include a number of heavy hitters that…

9 chanel products on repeat

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Now that the sun’s out, I hope you’re getting your sunscreen on every day, without excuses. Luckily, I found Dermaquest Sheer Zinc SPF 30, a mineral/physical sunscreen that draws on the power of zinc oxide to minimise skin damage. Nod if you agree that when searching for sunscreen, the following attributes are key: Fast absorbing…

dermaquest sheer zinc

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  I’m sharing a peek inside my June travel makeup bag that includes the products that kept my makeup in place in tropical conditions. I started out by doing the opposite of the typical in-flight beauty routine and flew with a full face of makeup on. After that, my mission each day was to keep…

june travel makeup bag

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