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Glow Up with Darphin Shimmering Oil, Jouviance Eye Serum and Frezyderm SPF 50

Frezyderm SPF 50, Darphin Shimmering Oil and Jouviance Eye Serum

I’m going straight to the videotape in this post as it’s a round-up of three products that have been front and centre this season. Starting with a shimmering body oil from the French brand Darphin, a must for a Riviera style glow, to a sunscreen from Greek brand Frezyderm, then rounding up with an eye …

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Viva Italia-Rilastil

How many bronzers are too many, and how much should one spend on one? Is the inclusion of ‘skin care benefits’ a deciding factor, or are you swayed by what is being hawked as the latest and greatest? No matter the factors that lead to your purchase, in recent years bronzers have become highly integral …

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