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most used makeup brushes
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The Grades Are In For My Most Used Makeup Brushes

If I had to rank my makeup brushes in order of importance, here’s how I’d rank them: foundation concealer powder blush bronzer highlighter brows After upgrading some of my makeup brushes this year, I’m sharing my most used ones and how they’ve performed: Foundation: Koyudo Fu-Pa Series FU-PA03 With synthetic fibres that are densely packed …

bathroom skincare storage
Skincare Tools

Tour My Bathroom: Skincare Storage Edition

I’ve been wanting to share a peek into my bathroom, specifically about how I organise and store my skincare. Now…I know there are arguments against storing skincare in the bathroom, especially because bathrooms are humid environments which may not be good in maintaining the efficacy of some skincare ingredients. But when space is tight and …

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Makeup Brushes-Mikasa Beauty

I’ve been sitting on these makeup brushes from Mikasa Beauty since last year. Simply put, I’ve been using them, garnering a feel for how they hold up to being cleaned, how they perform in applying my makeup and how they perform in my hands.  Mikasa Beauty is a fairly new company based in Vancouver, Canada, …