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Chanel Apotheosis Le Mat Quiet Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

chanel quiet revolution

chanel quiet revolution

Chanel Apotheosis Quiet Revolution Eyeshadow Palette is one of the key items in the house’s Fall/Winter 2018 makeup collection. Formally referred to as Apotheosis Le Mat de Chanel, this palette is the most gorgeous play on blues I’ve seen in eyeshadow in an incredibly long time. Focusing on the power of contrasts coupled with formulations featuring light-reflecting properties, this season, Chanel’s global creative makeup and colour director, Lucia Pica, has chosen to honour the non-conformist makeup wearer who combines sophistication with a splash of daring. While I’ll be sharing thoughts on the Quiet Revolution palette, the Apotheosis Le Mat de Chanel collection also includes Clair Obscur, an eyeshadow palette with neutral shades along with chubby pencils that can be used as shadow or liner, velvet lip crayons, liquid matte lip inks and matte nail lacquers.

Chanel Les 4 Ombre Quiet Revolution palette extends the matte texture theme to the packaging as well, ushering in a fresh change from Chanel’s usual glossy black. The palette boasts two blue variations, one an azure blue, while I’d describe the other blue as midnight with grey leaning undertones. The two blues are joined by a deep black-brown shade along with a taupe-y light mauve.

chanel quiet revolution

Here’s how application went for me:

Light taupe-y mauve-This colour translates a bit pale-pinky-silvery grey on my skin at first, then settles down nicely to offer a brightening effect on its own and helps to add dimension when coupled with the blue shades. With this shade, fall-out is not an issue.

Midnight blue-This is an absolutely gorgeous shade that can be used to add depth or as a liner. There is some fall-out with this, plus it needs to be built up for the blue to come through.

chanel quiet revolution

In this photograph, I used my fingers to apply the shades lightly on un-primed eyelids. Mascara is Delilah

Azure blue-My absolute favourite of the four shades. This is a perfectly-pitched blue, reminiscent of the deep ocean somewhere in the Mediterranean. This shade has little fall-out in contrast to the midnight blue and to me, it’s the silkiest shade in the palette. In one swipe the colour shows immediately and can be intensified to your comfort level or worn with just a single wash. With beautifully rendered pigments, it’s easy to work with while being long-lasting when used as a liner. On brown eyes especially, this makes them come alive.

Black-brown-Transparent at first swipe, this shade also requires a few swipes to build it up to a true black brown. I’d suggest coupling it with the taupe-y shade and mascara for an easy daytime look.

chanel quiet revolution

   In this photograph, I layered the shades over Tom Ford’s Eye Primer Duo and used brushes. The mascara I’m wearing is

Chanel Le Volume Revolution Mascara reviewed here.

I use Tom Ford’s Eye-Primer Duo if I need to extend wear time, although the shades wore well for me without primer. Lucia Pica took inspiration for the Apotheosis Le Mat de Chanel collection from the fabric variations used in Chanel’s Cruise 2018/19 collection. Much of the clothing includes variations of grey, gunmetal and navy, so Pica felt compelled to complement those tones with a graphic eye, as she feels the colder months require bolder statements for the face as the natural light is different.

chanel quiet revolution

If you’re suffering from ‘neutral-toned’ palette overload, the Apotheosis le Mat de Chanel Quiet Revolution quad specifically offers a striking alternative. With hues that wash onto the eyelid whether you use fingers or a brush, apply these shades as you wish with a light hand for a casually defined look or wear it full on for a big evening out. It will last well enough and translate beautifully in photographs. Also, this palette is the ultimate companion if blue-eyeliner makes you and your eyes happy because the shades work like a treat on the lower lash line as well.

*I’m in my 40’s, have dry skin, non-oily eyelids and a deeper skin tone, so these factors have informed my experience of this eyeshadow palette.





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