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Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation With Swatches

delilah time frame foundation

delilah time frame

Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation is a name to know. Names abound in the beauty world for ‘best foundation’. From luxury to drug store, the ranks are overpopulated and rife with towering claims and splashy campaigns to lure us in. Then there are the ‘whisperers’, products that perform as well as or better than the popular ones but somehow, don’t receive the recognition as loudly and as widely. Enter Delilah Cosmetics, a boutique brand started by three Spartans who clocked several years in the beauty industry in the areas of photography, beauty buying and makeup artistry. They are Juliet White, Hannah Nicholson and Rupert Kingston. Together, they deliberately set out to create a brand that does not utilise conventional promotion. Instead, the intention is that it is carried only at carefully selected retailers, including award-winning spas and salons.


delilah time frame

When creating the brand, the founders wanted to honour their British heritage and so named the brand after the Delilah rose, whilst the packaging colours take its cues from Britannia metal that is the colour of pewter, along with crown gold. Crown gold is a rose gold colour that emerged via direction of Henry VIII. The Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation is housed in a nifty tube with a neat spout at the top, thereby reducing waste and making it easy to use and quite portable. When I first squirted this on the side of my wrist and massaged it into my skin, I was intrigued by the texture and the ease with which it sunk in. Absent was the chalky or thick feeling of so many foundations. This is a new species of foundation, soft, smooth, seeping into the skin as easily as water into sand. This foundation was made to caress your skin, to make your skin look even, bright, softly corrected and enhanced.

Formulated with antioxidants, peptides, titanium dioxide as a sunscreen (SPF 20) along with Vitamin E, this foundation also has microspheres which work to soften lines. Delilah Timeframe Future Resist Foundation is also paraben free, cruelty-free and the antioxidants protect your skin against environmental damage.

Whilst the wear time clocks in at more than seven hours, admittedly, it darkens a bit as wear time stacks up. Otherwise, I’ve worn it with various types of primer although that’s not a must and personally, I prefer it with a creamier one.

delilah time frame foundation

Delilah’s foundation is buildable and has a luminous, healthy-looking finish. Plus, I rate it well if you’re starting to see the effects of mid-life or hormonal changes in your skin. It’s so well formulated that you may even wear this without primer or anything else for that matter, but more so if your skin is much drier. To apply, I use my fingers or a foundation brush. If you prefer to cocktail your moisturiser with a foundation for a tinted effect, this foundation formula lends itself to such.

delilah time frame

Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation is a worthy addition to your foundation wardrobe, especially if you prefer a skin-like, healthy-looking finish as opposed to the flattened effect that can happen with matte formulas. Delilah Cosmetics also has an exciting array of other products such as powders, primers and lip products along with the most gorgeous mascara that offers fluttery, lengthened lashes that I reviewed here. For US-based shoppers, I’ll put non-affiliate links at the end of the post. While there are currently eight shades from which to choose, the shade variations may still work in your favour as they go from the lightest in Lace to the darkest which is Truffle, a rich deep chocolate.

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